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The Master of Library Science (concentrations in Librarianship for Children and Young Adults and Archives Studies).

Emporia, United States
Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
Library Science

Program Overview

Program Description:

The Master of Library Science (M.L.S.) degree program utilizes weekend courses and online instruction to create the flexibility of course scheduling required by non-traditional adult learners who cannot afford to relocate to campus as a full-time student.

Two specialized opportunities are offered within the M.L.S. degree program. The School Library Media Licensure Program prepares school library media specialists. Professional development opportunities are also available in this area. The Archives Study Certificate Program prepares students for a career in an archives or special collections setting.

The SLIM Master of Library Science program curriculum presents a dynamic mix of theory, tools and application courses, and context-sensitive electives.  The curriculum reflects an essential core of knowledge for information professionals, including:
•  a professional philosophy and ethic of service;
•  an understanding of human behavior in terms of information seeking and social interaction;
•  an understanding of the information transfer process—how information and knowledge is created, recorded, disseminated, organized, diffused, utilized, preserved, and destroyed;  
•  comprehension of information engineering—the theories supporting the organization of information for effective use;
•  a working knowledge of management theory to enable leadership of an information agency; and
•  knowledge of the global information infrastructure as it interfaces with local, regional, and national networks.

This core of knowledge constitutes the theory base of the curriculum and provides the intellectual foundation for courses in information management, which enables the practitioner to classify information, retrieve and repackage information, diagnose information needs, plan and evaluate information services, and use print and electronic information sources. The theoretical base and working knowledge of information management tools prepares the student to apply his or her learning in elective courses designed for various career paths within the field of library and information management.  A capstone course provides an opportunity to synthesize the educational experience in preparation for entering the field.

To satisfy the need for library and information management professionals with subject specializations, SLIM has developed coordinated dual master’s degree programs utilizing some courses taken for one degree as electives for a second degree at Emporia State University. For information about cooperative degrees in history, music, business, and English, contact SLIM at 1-800-552-4770 (toll free) or 620-341-5203. Students interested in obtaining dual degrees should discuss their plans with advisors in the respective programs as early as possible to coordinate their schedules effectively.

Additional Program Information

Our Master of Library Science degree program is accredited by the American Library Association.
Financial Aid:
1.Official transcripts from all undergraduate colleges/universities attended. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required for full admission. Applicants with a GPA under 3.0 may be considered for probationary admission. 2.Two letters of reference 3.Current résumé or curriculum vitae 4.Statement of Objectives: 5. Advising Interview
International Requirements:
For international student admissions, please visit our International Education web site.