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Course is performance- and presentation-based, with all material explored via personal solo and group music interpretation.
Dundalk, Ireland
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Full Degree
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Performing Arts

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Programme Summary This taught, 3-semester programme is rooted in Irish Traditional music, analysing extant song and music forms and contexts, but explores outwards into the neighbouring traditions which have impacted on Irish music, clarifying linkages, overlaps and borrowing. It is performance- and presentation-based, with all material explored via personal solo and group music interpretation. About this programme While instrumentalists, singers and dancers will gain greatly from it, it is nevertheless constructed in such a way as to permit equal involvement of the aficionado, listener or consumer, in production, presentation and management. Course materials for this programme include critical and analytical texts, and video and audio recordings in Folk/Traditional music studies and Ethnomusicology. What subjects will I study? * Irish Traditional music performance style and contexts * Traditional music collection and archiving * Scottish music style, forms and repertoire * Popular music aesthetics and sociology * English Traditional music and song * Folk musics of Europe * Transmission, education and technology These in addition to a major, researched dissertation/project. This is a full time course, with part-time options. The seven academic modules collectively engage with Traditional music forms as artistic, social and professional practices. They involve performance, production and presentation of music, song, dance, each of which is engaged with by participants according to personal strengths. Ongoing assessment is mostly continuous. Final assessment for the MA level involves a major research dissertation or music project which is completed over the summer months; the PGDip is completed in early summer by a minor dissertation or project.. The programme has been planned to suit the needs of a range of candidates of varying age, education level and music background. Such might be Traditional Irish music, song or dance performers who wish to gain a more academic knowledge of their subject, or a wider view of traditional musics on these islands and in Europe. It will be of great value to those involved in non-performance aspects of the Traditional-music spectrum who wish to learn more about its history and practice. It is designed also for those who wish to explore Traditional music newly, who will have much to gain by immersion in both its academic analysis and performance. Staff Traditional Music Studies are run by flute player and writer Dr. Fintan Vallely, editor of Traditional music’s major reference work, The Companion to Irish Traditional Music, internationally-renowned fiddler and teacher Gerry O’Connor, and harpist Helen Lyons. Taught Masters students benefit from the considerable volume of research experience and resources which this team has at its disposal, making the MA experience at Dundalk a truly unique opportunity. Students of the one- or two-semester Irish Traditional Music Studies programme are integrated with all Departmental expertise, resources and talents, and with performance itself where applicable or desired.

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