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Aim to produce graduates with an advanced level of theoretical knowledge/practice to enable their development in the IT industry
Dundalk, Ireland
Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
Information Technology

Program Overview

Program Description:
The aim of this HETAC-validated, taught Master Degree programme is to produce graduates with an advanced level of theoretical knowledge and practice, with highly developed research capability, innovation and entrepreneurial skills to enable their professional development in the IT industry. This programme has been partially funded by the HEA IT Investment Fund. About this programme Graduates will be capable of: * Designing, managing and developing complex quality-assured software systems; * Identifying computing problems that require further research and developing research strategies for the investigation of these problems; * Analysing and critically evaluating emerging technologies and trends in the computing industry from a business opportunity perspective; * Taking responsibility for the work of individuals and groups, and behave developed a high level of competence in initiating, leading and managing technology projects and processes.

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