Study Hospitality Management Abroad with Undergraduate Programs as it may be a memorable way to learn about your industry. For the student with a passion for tourism and hotel management, what could be better than getting the opportunity to combine travel with earning valuable undergraduate credits? Choose from a variety of worldwide program options; in-class learning is often combined with excursions so you get the best of seeing your host country from the eyes of a tourist and a scholar.

Why Study Hospitality Management Abroad Program?

If you are looking to add some travel to your undergraduate years but you also want to make your time count towards your major, a Study Abroad Hospitality Management Program is worth considering. See some of the major tourist attractions, but also feel what it is like to experience your host country or countries as a local; a fantastic combination if you plan to work in the hospitality industry. Whether you choose a multi country summer term program or a full undergraduate academic year, studying hospitality management abroad may prove enriching as well as informative!

FUN FACT: Hotel management programs typically include courses in hotel administration, accounting, business systems, marketing and sales, housekeeping, food service management and catering, and hotel maintenance and engineering[i].

sources: [i]

Featured Program Information

  • Schiller International University


  • Nikitas Language Abroad Schools Co

  • Spa Academy Fiji

  • HRC Culinary Academy

  • Global Education and Career Development Abroad

  • Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne - EHL - Lausanne Hotel School

  • Goa Swiss Institute of Hotel Management (ITI - MED GSIHM)

  • Les Roches School of Management (Bluche)

  • Spanish Studies Abroad/CC-CS

  • The School of Artisan Food

  • University of Limerick

  • Tochigi International Education Institute

  • Toucan Education Programs Limited (TEP)

  • Unicotrip

  • Volunteer Nepal National Group

  • B.H.M.S. Business & Hotel Management School

  • University of Canberra

  • Freedom Institute of Higher Education


  • Angers Tourism Lab

  • Athena Study Abroad

  • BCA Study Abroad

  • Academic Programs Abroad

  • World Choice Education

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