Film Study Abroad Programs InformationFilm study abroad programs may be the perfect fit for students who wants to learn about film, television, and various other media techniques in diverse cultural landscapes. Studying film abroad immerses students in a cultural experience that may expose them to artistic expressions and global perspectives one may be previously unaware of, all of which may only expand the horizons of your opportunities within the world of film and media. If you want the opportunity to get to know new people, earn valuable academic credit and travel at the same time, studying film abroad warrants consideration.

Why Consider a Film Study Abroad Program?

Film dissolves cultural boundaries and has potential to reach large audiences and make an impact. Film programs abroad expose you to the world, and the experiences garnered while traveling and learning within another culture may open your mind and bolster your creativity. Film is a universal medium and exposing yourself to the world with Film Study Abroad Programs may prove beneficial in making your understanding and creation of film and media maintain a more comprehensive, global, and creative flair. If you’re interested in studying film in this rapidly globalized world, consider a Film Study Abroad program.

Understanding the world from a new perspective is integral for film, an influential medium that can affect and reflect cultures, at times serving as a powerful tool for educating people, or simply entertaining them.[i] Choose from a variety of Film programs and countries depending on when you would like to go; from summer semester to full academic year programs.

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