Environmental Science Study Abroad Programs

Environmental Science is a field of study that integrates physical, biological, and information sciences to study the environment and solve environmental concerns.[i]As issues of the environment pose a global threat, partaking in Environmental Science Study Abroad programs might offer ideal coursework to potentially better learn about the environment by immersing oneself in the myriad of environments across the globe. Whether you are passionate about studying Environmental Science in a degree program, or whether you want to learn more about a specific environment and its problems outside a full undergraduate degree program, Environmental Science study abroad programs may be the perfect option for you.

Why Sign Up for Environmental Science Study Abroad Programs?

With a vast array of environments, and a growing number of approaches to maintain environments with lessened detriment from human hands, studying environmental science abroad might prove to potentially be beneficial for those looking to study Environmental Science and find ways to reduce harm. Environmental Science Study Abroad programs offer the opportunity to meet and learn from people across the world in a variety of immersive environments: which could prove useful to deepen your knowledge about the environment and arm yourself with the tools necessary to understand sustainability and the unique challenges environments and distinct cultures across the world face.

DID YOU KNOW: Over 99 percent of electricy in Norway is produced by hydropower plants, establishing Norway as a heavy producer of renewable energy[ii]

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