Studying Art History AbroadWhen most of us think of art history, we usually conjure up images of beautiful Roman or Greek inspired sculptures and paintings. While of course you can learn art history from your stateside classroom, wouldn’t your studies feel much more worthwhile if you came face to face with something as monumental as the Sistine Chapel? That's why students looking for a unique experience turn to studying art history abroad.

Studying Art History Abroad

Christina Farella studied abroad in Rome in the Spring of 2010 and says, “Taking art history classes in Rome was a dream come true. My professors taught many seminars in iconic galleries and locations throughout the city of Rome, providing cultural context for each piece we studied. And rather than being lectured on slides in a dark classroom, my classes provided the opportunity to examine artifacts in person. As an art history student, walking through the Roman Forum or inhabiting the same space as a Constantinian portrait head was an unreal experience, and being in such an old and culturally rich city as Rome makes you feel close to the immense history of each object. My art historical education while studying in the city of Rome was one of the absolute highlights of my time abroad.”