Volunteer in Sri Lanka | Volunteer Abroad in Sri LankaWhy Volunteer in Sri Lanka?

Volunteer work in Sri Lanka could offer students experiences unlike any other study abroad program. Becoming a volunteer in Sri Lanka could provide a chance to head out with a humanitarian purpose while also beginning an adventure in a unique part of the world. You could take pride in completing a new community center, or maybe help one of your students finally grasp a difficult English verb. It’s definitely a different type of educational experience! As you live and work in Sri Lanka, you may also have the opportunity to delve into its culture. You could experience everything from sharing a traditional meal with your new neighbors, to exploring the magnificent, postcard-like sights of the country.

If you want to see the world, while also making it a better place, then volunteering in Sri Lanka may be perfect for you.

The Volunteer Experience: Sri Lanka

Volunteer programs in Sri Lanka could provide an opportunity to combine your altruistic passion with your desire for exploration. These programs – and your involvement in them – could make a visible difference for the local populace. You could have the opportunity to assist communities in the fields of medical assisting, English as a second language, childcare, renovation and construction, and conservation. There are nearly as many ways to contribute as there are personal passions. You may just find your perfect match.

In turn, the community will likely give back to you as well. As you talk with and assist the native people of the Sri Lanka, you could catch a glimpse of their unique cultural traditions. This is an experience you can’t often get in the classroom! You could also develop new skills and knowledge that may be valuable at home and in your future career. Additionally, as part of your program, you could have the opportunity to explore Sri Lanka through planned excursions in your time-off.

Curious what you might encounter in the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”? Read on!

DID YOU KNOW? In Sri Lanka, when someone shakes their head from side to side it actually means “yes.” This may the opposite from what you’ve encountered in some western countries – or your own!

Living & Learning in Sri Lanka

If your stomach is rumbling, Sri Lankan cuisine offers plenty of tasty eats to satisfy your hunger! Hoppers are a delicious snack, made from rice flower, coconut milk, and spices and then fried. You may find hoppers in both the savory and sweet varieties, so there’s something for any time of day! String hoppers – or hoppers made of noodles instead of rice – are another variation you should definitely try. You may also consider trying dishes such as kool, pittu, or roti for a taste of the region’s native flavor. Sri Lankans also love their sweets, especially when it comes to treacle. It’s used in many of its desserts. More reason to sample a bunch!

Places to See in Sri Lanka

Now that you’re full, you could use that energy to get out and explore Sri Lanka. May we suggest you start with the list below?

  • There are a great number of elephants throughout Sri Lanka. Due to the fact that they’re an endangered species, some elephants find their home in the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Stop by to help care for them or even bottle feed some of the smaller pachyderms.
  • If elephants aren’t enough for you, head out on safari! Yala National Park might be a great place to start – it has the highest concentration of leopards in the world. This could be a great picture opportunity.
  • For a day trip, consider taking a train ride on the historic rails. These trains were originally used to transport tea from inland to the coast, but now provide travelers a multitude of breathtaking views and a relaxing ride.

These are just a few of the many adventures to be found in Sri Lanka. Do your research, or speak with your professors or locals to see what additional sites you could see while volunteering. You never know what hidden treasures they may know about.

Volunteering in Sri Lanka: Finding a Perfect Program

Ready to volunteer in Sri Lanka? Finding a volunteer in Sri Lanka program could be as easy as continuing to scroll down the page. Browse the list of links below to view some program options. If one catches your interest, click through the link to request more information. When you find the perfect program (congratulations!), apply through the program’s official site. Good luck finding a Sri Lanka volunteer program, today!