Volunteer in Nepal | Volunteer Abroad in NepalThe mountainous peaks and high altitudes of Nepal provide a compelling backdrop for a volunteer abroad program. Students may be able to contribute and hone their skills to benefit the people of Nepal, while simultaneously taking in the vast sights of the country. Partaking in the tradition laden culture and assisting its community may provide students with an experience that differs highly from a traditional study abroad program. Read on and learn more about Volunteer in Nepal programs.

Why Consider Volunteer in Nepal Abroad Programs?

By participating in a volunteer abroad program in Nepal, you are assisting a country in need. Volunteers gain hands-on experience and could make a real impact on the people they interact with. Sustainable development volunteers could help local farmers improve cultivation, while others may assist hospitals and clinics. Or you could choose a volunteer abroad program in which you teach English as a second language in schools and monasteries. Programs may fill a variety of the country’s needs, making you an asset to the community while also gaining beneficial skills that may be applied upon return.

The Highest Height

But what about your free time? With so many mountains, trekking outdoors in Nepal is a great way to experience the country’s sights. While Mt. Everest may be extreme for beginning climbers, the world’s tallest mountain does make for a pretty picture! Smaller peaks sometimes offer group tours for adventure-seekers to try their hand at mountain climbing. Looking for something closer to the ground? There are many hiking trails snaking throughout the country – some may even be close to your home base!

DID YOU KNOW? Cows are sacred in the Hindu religion, so they’re not often eaten in Nepal. Get ready to eat your veggies!

Foodie Finds

Many Nepali foods may be foreign to you – but that should be a reason to try it! Dal Bhat has a saying connected to it: “Dal-bhat power 24 hour.” This high energy meal combines steamed rice and lentil soup to keep you moving throughout the day. Variations abound so have a serving whenever and wherever you are could be a great way to try the flavors of the region. A plate of momo might be a little more familiar to the international traveler. Momo are the Nepali version of dumplings, and are often filled with buffalo or chicken. Served with a bowl of pickled vegetables, they make quite the tasty treat. If you’re looking for something a bit tamer, why not try yak cheese? This salty cheese is made with the region’s yaks milk before being cured into a familiar cheese shape.


While volunteering abroad in Nepal, there are many festivals you could take part in as you fully immerse yourself in the culture. The Nepali New Year’s festival, known as Navavarsha, takes place in April instead of on January 1st. It’s a very social holiday involving picnics and parties to ring in the day – be sure to grab some of your peers to celebrate with! Saraswati Puja is a great festival for students because it celebrates the birthday of Goddess of Learning, Saraswati. During this holiday, students ask for the goddess’s favor in their future studies – it couldn’t hurt to ask for some extra luck for the next semester!

Find a Volunteer Abroad in Nepal Program

By choosing a volunteer abroad in Nepal program, you’re likely to assist a country in need. Whether your passions lie in teaching English, or assisting with infrastructure, you may look forward to putting your skills to the test. In your downtime, you may explore what the country has to offer by becoming involved with the very culture you’re residing in: tasting the local food, celebrating festivals with locals and peers, or just taking in the sights. Volunteering abroad in Nepal is a great way to contribute outside the confines of the classroom while exploring new lands. To get started on your search, scan the listings below. Or click “Learn More” for additional information or to contact the programs directly. Good luck!