Volunteer in Kenya | Volunteer Abroad in Kenya ProgramsBecoming a volunteer in Kenya is a fabulous way to contribute to an organization, group, or community that needs your knowledge, skills, and dedication. Whether you work with vulnerable woman and children, teach kids at a school, rescue sea turtles, help organize public health campaigns, or serve in any number of other capacities, you’ll likely experience the joys of being of service, developing your skills, and engaging in a new-to-you culture. Kenya volunteer programs could facilitate an experience not to be missed. Read on to learn more about Volunteer in Kenya programs.

What Can I See and Do While I Volunteer in Kenya?  

There are many great things to see, do, and experience in Kenya. Your agenda will ultimately depend on your program parameters, where you stay, and your personal preferences, but we can give you a sense of what you might enjoy:

  • The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. The Giraffe Center is a non-profit center that helps protect giraffes and teach people about conservation in Kenya and beyond. Visitors can pet giraffes, see them in wide open spaces, and if they’re lucky, give a giraffe a kiss (don’t worry—the staff will show you how!).
  • Going on safari in a wildlife sanctuary, national park, or reserve. Some well-traveled areas include Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, and Tsavo East. Catching a view of animals in their natural habitat may be a wonderfully breathtaking experience. While on safari, see if you can spot the “big five:” lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, and rhinos.
  • Catching the sunset at the beloved Lake Victoria, Kenya’s great lake. Afterward, head to neighboring Kisumu for dinner and to enjoy the town’s laidback atmosphere.
  • Exploring Nairobi. Visit museums. Explore neighborhoods. Drink Kenyan-grown coffee. Eat Nyama choma (barbequed meat, or, literally, “charred flesh”), and take a train from Nairobi to Mombasa. Exploring a country’s capital city and enjoying its many sights may help you develop a sense of the country.  
  • Breathing in the views of the Rift Valley. The Rift Valley presents a treasured array of natural sights and wonders. Watch birds (including flamingos and white pelicans), look for wildlife (rhinos, cheetah, and wild dogs), and see if you can catch a view of Tanzania on a clear day. Peacefully breathe in the Rift Valley’s stunning flora, fauna, and geological features.

These are just some of the many wonderful places to see and enjoy while you’re volunteering abroad in Kenya.

What Are the Benefits of Volunteering in Kenya?

There are many great reasons to volunteer in Kenya, and thankfully, volunteer opportunities in Kenya abound. Here’s what you might gain by jumping in:

First, and foremost, volunteering abroad may be a great way to build bridges between you and a community. Distinct from tourists, volunteers often submerse themselves in a community and, in some ways, become a part of it. As you spend multiple days working for and with people, you’ll likely develop friendships and connections you never imagined possible. These connections could infuse your journey with meaning and significance.

Second, volunteering abroad may be an amazing way to contribute your time, energy, and talents to a group of people or cause about which you’re passionate. For many people, being able to travel and explore a new country while making a difference is incredibly satisfying. Whether you’re working to improve people’s lives, protect the environment, help an organization meet its mission, or otherwise supporting someone in need, you may experience the true joy of altruism.

Third, volunteering abroad may a perfect way to quench your thirst for cultural exchange. Kenya’s culture is incredibly rich and diverse, and you might experience it as you engage in your program. By communicating with people, fulfilling your duties, and responding to your environment to fulfill your obligations, you may experience first-hand how people, families, and communities in Kenya function. Not to mention that you may work with locals and gain valuable insights into their perspectives of Kenya and its culture. Volunteering abroad could expand the parameters of your cultural exchange.

Finally, volunteering abroad could be an amazing way to build your resume, develop your skills and knowledge, and enhance your academic or professional career. By dedicating your time and efforts to a situation that might be unfamiliar to you, you may develop skills and talents you might not have by volunteering at home. You may become more adept at understanding people, responding to challenges, and thinking innovatively, and you might build your know-how in a number of other ways.

Collectively, these benefits could make a great case for volunteering abroad.

How Do I Find a Volunteer Abroad Program in Kenya?

Kenya volunteer programs exist throughout the country, and we can help you find them. Using our search tool, you can browse programs by location (cities and towns throughout Kenya), duration (weeks, months, or even a year), and work type (art, education, or the environment, for example). Alternatively, you can browse our programs on this page to see what’s available more broadly. When you find a program you like, don’t hesitate to contact it for more information or to register. Perhaps there’s no better time than now to be of service to a community and enjoy a fantastic adventure.

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