Volunteer in Ghana | Volunteer Programs in GhanaHave you been wondering how to volunteer in Africa? If so, you may have come to the right place. We’ve made Volunteer in Ghana programs simpler by putting together a list of Ghana study abroad programs. Read on to learn more!

Ghana, which means “Warrior King” in the West-African language Soninke, may provide an intriguing backdrop for a volunteer abroad experience. It’s an incredibly diverse country, and its culture, growing economy, and dynamic history make it a prime spot for volunteering and lending a hand. Students might volunteer in schools, medical clinics, grassroots organizations, or other facilities and discover what it takes to support and protect Ghanaian communities. Many programs in Ghana may also enable students to earn academic credit while they’re volunteering abroad.   

Great Reasons to Volunteer Abroad in Ghana

There is no shortage of attractive reasons to volunteer abroad in Ghana. First, the primary language in Ghana is English, which may make the country an attractive option for English-speaking students who prefer to submerse themselves in an English-speaking country. Ghana might also prove a great option for students who want to develop their English-language capacities. Students who want to learn another language could attempt to learn any one of Ghana’s 14 national languages.

Second, Ghana is a relatively well-developed country with one of the stronger and more diversified economies in Western Africa. This could enable students to volunteer in a broader range of organizations. Students might also find Ghana’s comparatively well-developed infrastructure convenient for getting around and otherwise living life in Ghana.

Third, Ghana is a beautiful country with lots to see and do. Here are just some of the many things you might enjoy while you volunteer abroad in Ghana:   

Feast your eyes on local and traditional artistry: Ghana’s cultural diversity lends itself to an expansive array of artistry. Adinkra, hand-painted or embroidered symbols you’ll commonly find on fabric and clothes, tell stories, impart wisdom, and celebrate Ghanaian culture. Traditional clothing—including the relatively well-known Kente cloth—are also a mainstay in Ghanaian culture, and you’ll likely see people wearing it for ceremonies, rituals, and other special occasions.

Explore and enjoy Ghanaian food: Much of Ghana’s cuisine comprises of common staples such as beans, rice, vegetables, and meats. The country’s preparation and spicing of these staples, however, is what makes their cuisine unique. Here are some Ghanaian favorites:

  • Red Red: a dish made with beans and flavored with curry and tomato sauce
  • Banku: orange-sized balls of fermented corn commonly served with eggplant or okra stew
  • Chichinga: a popular street food or appetizer that is basically meat (such as beef, chicken, or goat) or liver on a stick (much like a kabob)
  • Shoko: a beef and spinach stew often flavored with onions, garlic, tomatoes, and serrano peppers
  • Groundnut soups: soups commonly made of nuts (often peanuts), meats, and pumpkin

These are just some of the Ghanaian dishes that may add some spice and flavor to your volunteer abroad experience. 

Submersing yourself in Ghanaian culture: While you’re volunteering, you’re likely to make friends and become a part of the Ghanaian community. For the most part, Ghanaians embrace generosity, connection, and contribution. Don’t be surprised, therefore, if people ask you lots of questions, consistently invite you to spend time or share food, or otherwise attempt to engage with you. Many people may simply want to include you in the Ghanaian way of life. You may also enjoy the Ghanaian music (typically traditional, ethnic, or gospel), dance (to mark passages, practice rituals, and celebrate), and ceremonies that decorate the often celebratory lifestyle of Ghanaians.

How Do I Find a Program to Volunteer in Ghana?

There are many opportunities to volunteer abroad in Ghana. You can find our list of opportunities below. Click on “Learn More” to explore potentially interesting programs in greater depth. In some cases, you can also read reviews and compare Ghanaian programs to other volunteer programs in Africa. When you’re ready, contact the program of your choice for additional information and to sign up. There is no time like the present to engage in what might be a life-enhancing experience in Ghana! Good luck!