Choosing to study abroad and volunteer in Buenos Aires could be a great way to serve a community in need while going on a South American adventure! Whether through social activism, increased education, or good old-fashioned hard work, you could have the chance to make a difference in the lives of the porteños. Not only that, but the capital city might offer you a new world to explore. Things like tango dancing, delicious chorizo, and famous museums are waiting to be enjoyed. And, of course, you could always pick up a little Spanish along the way. Get ready to say “hola” to volunteering in Buenos Aires!

Volunteering in Buenos Aires

As a thriving, capital city, Buenos Aires presents many volunteer opportunities you would associate with urban environments. Perhaps some of the most prevalent programs work to alleviate poverty and its effects. Depending on your preference, you could have the chance to build homes for communities, assist state orphanages, or even work with children who have been victims of domestic abuse. Altruistic opportunities are abundant! And, some others might even be geared towards your academic major.

For example, education majors might have the chance to practice teaching English in a foreign country. You could partake in hands-on, in-classroom experience that you might not get at your home university. Not only will you likely further develop your own knowledge, but also your students’ as well. The children and adults that take part in the program may gain English speaking skills that are growing increasingly vital to the work force. Especially in a tourist location like Buenos Aires! Seems like a win-win situation for volunteers and students alike.

Those studying to become social workers might find equally engaging opportunities. As a hub of Argentina, there are many chances to aid diverse populations in need of social work. Volunteer programs have students supporting groups like immigrants, refugees, orphans, and other marginalized populations. You could work to get them housing, help them through the immigration process, or support women’s empowerment. If you’re studying to become a social worker, this could be a great professional experience!

Along with the many diverse work experiences to choose from, volunteering in Buenos Aires offers an additional benefit. It could be a chance to learn a new language! Spanish is the primary language of Argentina, so you are bound to come across it. Whether you just learn how to order coffee or study until you can freely converse is up to you. Some programs may even offer Spanish intensives as part of their itinerary.  Either way, comfort with the Spanish language could be very useful, both while abroad and when you return home. While you’re busy helping Buenos Aires, it just might help you!

Living and Adventuring in Buenos Aires

While volunteering in Buenos Aires might be your main goal, you should take the chance to explore the bustling city. And, of course, a great way to get to know a city is through its food! Carnivores might be excited to try a parrillada, or Argentinian BBQ. This staple presents adventurous eaters with a sizzling griddle of meats. It could include anything from pork sausage, to chicken, to steak, to a few things you’re better off not knowing! Request a serving of chorizo on your plate for a spicy, authentic taste of Argentina. Of course, no parrillada is complete without a healthy dose of chimichurri. The green salsa like sauce should be slathered on everything you try!

Also not to be missed is the provoleta. This provolone-type cheese is sliced thick, grilled, and then seasoned with herbs. Serve the bubbling hunk of molten cheese as an appetizer. Or, as an accompaniment to cold glass of birra.

Now that you’re fueled up, it’s time to go exploring. Since you’re volunteering in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, it might be a good place to start! Check out the La Boca district first. This brightly colored section of the city, besides being a feast for the eyes, is also home to Caminito Street. This is better known as the open-air museum. Named after a famous tango song, the museum is home to local art displays. And, it’s free!

Speaking of tango, you should see a performance! And there’s tons of tango in Buenos Aires. Having originated in Argentina, tango clubs have sprung up throughout the capital city. Reserve a table for the evening to see some expert dancing. Some clubs might even offer beginner tango lessons. It could be a great time to learn to strut your stuff.

Buenos Aires also has plenty of fascinating history to enjoy. Many may find it hard to visit Buenos Aires and not think of Evita. The political figure is perhaps best known world-wide from the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical of the same name. Eva Perón was a force to be reckoned with in Argentina and helped develop many of its policies. Visit the presidential palace to catch a glimpse of where Evita gave her famous speech. You might know it as the backdrop to when Madonna sang “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.” While there, head next door to the Museo Evita for a historically accurate look at the life and times of the iconic figure.

This is just a taste (sometimes literally!) of what you could find when you volunteer in Buenos Aires. This doesn’t even include day trips to see the other parts of Argentina! Check potential programs to see if they offer any planned trips as part of their itinerary.

How to Volunteer in Buenos Aires

Getting ready to volunteer in Buenos Aires could be as simple as browsing the list of potential programs provided on this page. offers programs that could apply to many interests, goals, or academics studies. Just, think, tango, and Evita, and volunteering could only be a few clicks away. These exciting ventures are all tied up in a Buenos Aires volunteer program. For more information about a program, click its associated link to read a brief blurb. Or, click the “request info” button to receive more details from the program. Good luck volunteering in Buenos Aires!