Volunteer in Argentina | Volunteer Programs in ArgentinaConsidering a volunteer in Argentina program? One great way to see a country is through a volunteer abroad program. Volunteering may enable you to connect with a community and, in many programs, earn academic credit. Not to mention that volunteering abroad may help you develop your professional experience and enhance your resume. If you want to study abroad in South America, consider doing so through an Argentina volunteer abroad program. You just might gain more intimate access to a unique and fascinating culture with Volunteer in Argentina programs.

Whether you volunteer for a grassroots or nonprofit organization, a business in one of Argentina’s industries, a hospital, a school, or somewhere else, you’ll likely develop your communication skills, your knowledge of what it takes to be of service, and your international professional network. Not to mention that you may learn or practice your Spanish either as part of your program or simply by living day-to-day life. These boons and others may make volunteering and studying in Argentina a wonderful idea. 

Living in Argentina While You Volunteer Abroad

When you’re not volunteering, you may be busy living in and exploring Argentina, a beautiful country. For many students, this can be the most exciting and adventurous part of the experience.

Argentina is located in the Southern Cone of South America and shares its borders with numerous countries: Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay. It also borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Drake Passage. It’s a relatively large country that covers an expansive span of land. This makes it geographical diverse and allows for a variety of adventures (in mountains, valleys, rainforests, and plains alike). Some of the regions and places you might want to visit include:

  • Las Pampas
  • All parts of Patagonia (Western, Eastern, and Northwest)
  • El Gran Chaco
  • Mesopotamia
  • The Northwest Valleys

Visiting these areas may help you get a sense of Argentina’s diverse landscape.

Argentina is also culturally diverse. Its museums, galleries, and architecture reflect its Spanish, Italian, and otherwise European roots, and much of its music and art is influenced by native and African populations. Plus it is a country that fiercely defends and proudly boasts its theatre, literature, and visual arts which often depict the country’s challenging and eventful history. Many Argentinians love athletic competition by way of fútbol, basketball, and dance. While you’re exploring Argentina’s cultural scene, be sure to:

  • Take tango lessons
  • Explore the Cueva de las Manos and its cave art
  • Visit beloved museums such as the Museo del Bicentenario, the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, and the Museo Historico Nacional
  • Enjoy the opera at Teatro Colón

Often shared with friends and family, food is an important part of Argentina’s culture. The Argentinian diet reflects its industries and cultural influences. Asado—or barbeque—is incredibly popular. Roasting whole pigs and cooking other meats, especially beef, over an open flame is perhaps a national pastime. Provoleta, a type of pungent herbed-cheese typically grilled to perfection is also famous. So too are empanadas, or deep-fried or baked sandwich pockets filled with ground meat; and corbonada, a thick stew made with meats, vegetables, and dried fruits and cooked over a grill in a gourd. You might also enjoy yerba mate, dulce de leche, and freshly made pasta on any given day in Argentina. These are just some of Argentina’s delicious staples you might enjoy after a hard-day’s work.  

Argentina’s social atmosphere is another part of its culture. While volunteering in Argentina, you may make friends with locals and join them for large mid-day meals, late-night dinners, and socializing in-between. Local plazas and streets will likely be bustling, and in most city settings, you may be hard-pressed to find a lonely scene.

I Want to Study Abroad with an Volunteer in Argentina Program! How Can I Find One?

You can find a list of volunteer abroad programs in Argentina below. Read program titles to get a sense of what you might like and how you might serve a community. Then, click “Learn More” to get program details, request additional information, and read program reviews. Now may be a perfect time to begin your Argentinian adventure. Your new community awaits your arrival! Good luck!