Teach English in Madrid | TEFL Programs in Madrid, SpainIf you want to learn how to teach English, why not do so through TEFL programs in Madrid, Spain? Not only could you enjoy an international adventure, you could also develop the skills you need to teach English in countries throughout the world. Your studies in Madrid could be just the launching point of a fantastic journey. Why not jump in to a TEFL or TESOL program in Madrid? Your adventure awaits! 

Why Learn to Teach English in Madrid? 

Quite frankly, it isn’t surprising that you want to study abroad in Madrid. Spain is a beautiful country, and Madrid is a wonderful city. The opportunity to be a tourist alone could provide enough reason to study TEFL in Spain, let alone Madrid. However, there are some other great reasons to learn how to teach English in Madrid.  

First, you may be able to develop your own language skills as you study abroad in Madrid. As you participate in everyday life—shopping for groceries, going to restaurants, talking to friends, reading maps and signs, and asking for directions, for example—you’re likely to practice and develop your Spanish reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. This may be a side-benefit that enhances your life personally, professionally, and academically.

Second, you may be able to develop some contacts for teaching English in Madrid or Spain. We obviously can’t make you any promises, but who knows who you’ll meet or what opportunities you’ll find as you’re studying abroad in Madrid. At minimum, you could potentially find some friends who want to learn English and practice teaching them. If you’re program doesn’t have an official teaching component, teaching friends could help you develop your skills.

Finally, Madrid, as we mentioned above, is a wonderful city. Both dynamic and diverse, it’s a metropolis and the capital city of Spain. As such, there’s no shortage of places to explore and enjoy. For example, while Madrid is a modern city, it also embraces its roots. That means that as you wander the city’s streets, you’ll find everything from high-end shopping and modern marvels to castles and other historical buildings. Madrid’s modern museums share age-old histories, and age-old buildings sit alongside modern parks, gardens, and restaurants. Plus, Madrid has a centralized location in Spain and well-developed infrastructure for travelers. This could make it easier for you to see other parts of Spain or even Europe as you engage in your TEFL program.  

Here are several specific things you might love to see and do while you’re studying TEFL in Madrid:

  • Madrid’s Grand Vía, where numerous restaurants, bars, and shops welcome visitors and locals into a Spanish experience. Also enjoy the avenue’s stunning architecture and vibrant atmosphere.  
  • Madrid’s museums and treasured works and artifacts. Definitely see El Museo del Prado and Museo Reina Sofía. Also see Madrid’s main public square (Plaza Mayor), Temple of Debod, and El Rastro to get a sense of Madrid’s past and present.
  • Madrid’s parks, sculpture gardens, and flower gardens. Consider having a picnic in Madrid’s parks or simply wandering through and taking in their beauty. Parks and gardens in Madrid commonly boast mazes, fountains, and whimsical art. Some better-known parks in Madrid include Casa de Campo, Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid Río, and Jardins de Sabatini.
  • Madrid’s lifestyle. While you might move faster in Madrid than you might in the Spanish countryside or a smaller city, find the city’s slower rhythm and enjoy. Linger with your café con leche and tortilla de España, rest during siesta, and dine for hours late into the night. While Madrid is a modern city, much of it may still embrace these traditional aspects of Spanish culture.

What Might I Learn in My TEFL or TESOL Program in Madrid?

While every Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program has its differences, we can give you a sense of what you might study.

First, you might learn how to teach English to children, teenagers, or adults for whom English is a second or later language in your TEFL or TESOL program. You might learn how to teach students in any (or all) of these age groups how to read, write, speak, and listen to English at beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels.

Second, you might learn techniques and tools for teaching English. For example, you might learn how to plan lessons, teach language skills, manage classrooms, and teach English in classrooms with scant resources. Your program might also show you how to find and apply for jobs teaching English in Spain and beyond. Through some programs, you might teach English in Madrid while you complete your program. This could help you develop your skills, enhance your resume, and put you on the road to teaching English professionally.

Finally, in some TEFL Programs in Madrid, you might learn how to teach certain lexicons within the English language. For example, you might learn how to teach English that students might use in business, government, medicine, or tourism.

TEFL Programs in Madrid​: How Do I Get Started?  

Whether you’re looking for a TESOL program or TEFL course, Madrid might have options for you. To explore them, simply browse our featured programs or use our search tool to browse by program duration or audience (age group). When you find a program you like, click on its link and contact it directly through our website to ask questions and register. Before you know it, you could embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Enjoy!