Teach English in South Africa | South Africa TEFL ProgramsYou’ve got a lot to give and even more to gain if you can expand your horizons Want to find your best self? Challenge your limits? These kind of opportunities await you in a culture you’ve probably never seen the likes of. Why not try teaching English as a foreign language in another land? You could connect with people you’d likely never meet on campus and possibly even have a meaningful impact in the world. Keep reading if you're interested in Teach English in South Africa programs.

Why Teach English in South Africa

One of the ways to find your passion is to inspire others, and you can do it while learning hands-on about a world you’ve only ever seen in travel articles. Teaching English as a foreign language could help you share what you know while learning about their world.

Not sure where? Cape Town, South Africa could be just the journey you’re looking for. There’s increasing demand for English speakers in the workforce and thus a need for relevant teachers. So, you may just be a shining star with lots to offer in the eyes of the locals as soon as you land.

Magnificent wild animals and exquisite beaches can captivate your senses as eager students will capture your heart while you teach in South Africa—who knows, you might meet some lifelong friends. Get to know the “real” Africa through human connection and discovery while providing a much-needed service to the community. Not only can you make a difference helping people, the biggest change might just be in yourself. Raising others up gives a real boost because it brings out our best. We’re happier, healthier, and living life at 100% when we share the best parts of ourselves. Teaching English in South Africa could help you live with greater purpose while developing practical experience in a whole new world.

So, why Cape Town, South Africa? A cosmopolitan city, Cape Town not only has a booming wine industry but also dynamic culinary flavors you’re unlikely to experience anywhere else in the world. Known as South Africa's most beautiful, romantic, and popular city, Cape Town was rated the top destination in the world for 2014 by the British newspaper the Guardian as well as the New York Times. There are so many reasons to visit Cape Town that it even makes the wonders of the world list nowadays. . . .

Table Mountain, a popular destination spot in Cape Town, was rated one of the New7Wonders of Nature by the New7Wonders headquarters in Zurich. Five hundred million votes cast worldwide chose the wonders in this exclusive competition. So, it’s no exaggeration to say Cape Town hosts some of the most spectacular sites on the planet. South Africa also has a spectacular coastline with glorious beaches, a Mediterranean-type climate, and cool adventures built right in: From shark cage diving, where you can feel the exhilaration of a great white literally in your face, to the meditative serenity of the world famous Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden; only in Cape Town can you experience these spectacular real-life scenes. And no matter how many safaris you’ve watched on the silver screen, none prepare you for the thrill when you’re actually up close and personal with the magnificent lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino, and leopard after just a short trip from your dorm.

There’s no place like Cape Town, South Africa, just like there’s no other person quite like you. By teaching English in this uniquely beautiful place, you may just find out what makes you special, too.

Teaching and volunteering could give you a boost, not only in self-esteem but also your marketability and future career prospects. Doesn’t that sound like music to parental ears? You can find lots of data here on our website to share with your family.

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