Teach English Abroad in Rome programs offer you a way to develop your skills as an educator in one of the major world centers.[i] Whether you are looking for tutoring or teaching abroad opportunities or to earn TEFL or TESOL certification, doing so in what is regarded as one of the birthplaces of Western civilization and even as the first metropolis[ii] is likely to be rewarding as well as memorable.

Why Consider a Teach English Abroad in Rome program?

Teach English Abroad in Rome programs offer you exposure to a culture that has been uniquely formed by many renowned artists, painters, sculptors and architects made Rome the center of their creative activity such that masterpieces are viewable throughout the city. One of the things that studies show is that the location of your teach abroad program can affect your overall satisfaction with your experience[iii] and Rome is likely to surpass expectations.

DID YOU KNOW? Temporary work abroad can provide numerous benefits for people who wish to land a permanent position in the future. (BLS)[iv]

City times 2

Rome is not only the capital of Italy but also has been defined as a capital of two states since Vatican City is located within the city boundaries.[v] On your day-off to do list? Visit iconic sites such as the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Vatican Museums.

Field Trips and Excursions

If your job placement requires you to coordinate excursions, there are definitely things to do! Go to the Biblioteca Angelica next to the church of Sant’Agosto not far from Piazza Navona, visit the Trevi Fountain or the Spanish Steps or just take in some green space at the Villa Borghese.

Stay Up Late

Teaching Abroad may mean that you work during the day and have time off in the evening; time to catch up with new friends or do something like visiting the Colosseum at night time – look for “the moon over the colosseum’.[vi] Soaking up the history on your own time frame.

Keep the Beat

You may know that Rome is a major center for music. Ok, but actually taking in a performance at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma or in summer, getting to the International Ensemble Chamber Music Festival. Prefer to rock’n roll? Check out the Rock in Roma festival.

What Type of Teach Abroad Programs in Rome are there?

One of the first things you can do is determine what type of Teach English Abroad in Rome program you are interested in. For instance,

  • Are you looking for a teaching abroad program where you are placed in an Italian host family in Rome?
  • Do you love taking care of children and interested in an Au Pair experience in Rome?
  • Are you looking to teach English as a second language in a school setting or business?
    Are you looking for TESOL or TEFL certification so that you are qualified for potential placements?

Finding a Teach English Abroad in Rome Program

Once you have figured out what type of Teach English Abroad in Rome program you are looking for, it is easier to determine which program is the right fit. Usually if you are teaching English as a second language, you have to develop lesson plans, teach multiple classes and evaluate your students. Many of these programs are contractual, so you can decide when you are available, and generally are paid based on your experience. If you are looking for the TEFL or TESOL credential, you are best advised to seek out a recognized or accredited school. This may stand you in better stead with prospective future employers. Either way, as a student or an educator, Rome as an interactive textbook sounds eccezionale!!

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