When I first decided to study abroad, I had no idea that I would absorb so much from the experience. Getting involved with CEA has helped me with my résumé, communication skills, and my passion for travel.


Solo traveling is the most exhausting, frustrating, and difficult thing that I have ever done.

Just this morning, I was trying to catch a train in Portugal from Porto to Lisbon. Now, this wouldn't be too frustrating except for the fact that I was carrying my backpack with seven weeks’ worth of stuff. Additionally, multiple people yelled at me in Portuguese, the first group for a reason I still don't know.


If you’ve chosen Buenos Aires as your study abroad destination, then you’ve made a great decision that you certainly won’t regret! I think about my study abroad experience in Argentina often and long to return one day. Not only is Buenos Aires such a unique, dynamic and entertaining city, but there are other fantastic trips you can take within the region. 

Here are some tips, advice and recommendations based on my experience as a study abroad student in Buenos Aires. I hope you find it helpful too!

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