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Thank you for your interest in USAC.

Thank you for your interest in USAC. You can expect to be contacted by a program representative.

Thank you for your interest in USAC


USAC is a non-profit consortium that provides the most affordable short-term, semester and yearlong study abroad programs. Recognized as one of the top study abroad providers, the experiences you have through USAC are more than taking classes overseas. You’ll have the opportunity to earn university credit and grow into an engaged citizen of the world in 27 countries through courses, internships, field trips, volunteer opportunities, homestays, language learning, and immersive activities. Choose your next experience with USAC.

Affordable Programs
Don’t think you can afford to study abroad? Think again. USAC summer programs start at $3,000 and semester programs at $5,800. With more than 52 programs across the globe, there is an affordable option for you. In addition, USAC awards more than $2 million internal scholarships and discounts to assist students with their study abroad expenses.
Courses for Every Major
No matter what you’re studying, USAC has courses for you. From language and culture, business, communications and media, education, health sciences, humanities, social sciences, and STEM, don’t let your major be what stops you from going abroad.
Programs for Every Student
USAC is committed to providing access to affordable and enriching cross-cultural learning abroad for all students. We celebrate diversity and value its impact on the study abroad experience of our students. We strive to increase access, inclusion, equity, and support for underrepresented student populations.