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Interning for a company or organization may be a wonderful way to study abroad in Seville, or Sevilla, as the locals call it. Located in the south of Spain and infused with cultural expression and beauty, Sevilla may provide a wonderful backdrop for an internship experience. And, while you’re enjoying this lovely and enticing city, you may also be able to build your skills, develop your knowledge, and enhance your academic and professional future. There are different internships in Seville to choose from! Why not intern abroad in Sevilla?  

Where Can I Intern in Seville?

Sevilla is the fourth largest city in Spain.[i] Its old city and historical landmarks mix with its modern design, amenities, and industries to make it a dynamic and somewhat diverse city. Sevilla’s overall metropolitan character and devotion to the artistic and historical may make it an ideal place for students to intern in a variety of fields and disciplines. Whether you want to study the arts and architecture, history, engineering, fashion, nursing, the social sciences, or something else, Sevilla may have options for you. To see what options are available by specialty, subject, or work type, use our search tool on this page.

As you browse through your options, keep in mind that you may find programs of different durations (summer-, semester-, or year-long, for example) and that include intensive language components, academic credit, cultural excursions, or other components. You can use our search tool to browse by program duration or term, and you can read about individual programs to determine what they offer on their individual pages. When you find a program you like, contact it directly through our website. Finding a place to intern abroad in Sevilla may be that easy!  

What Are the Benefits of Interning in Seville?

Many students use internships in Seville to develop their skills and knowledge in their field or a subject in which they’re interested. They often intern under the guidance of a professional or otherwise develop their capacities through structured, directed work. There are many potential benefits to choosing one of the internships in Seville. Here are some:

  • First, and quite simply,doing of the internships in Seville could be a fantastic way to build one’s resume, earn academic credit, and enjoy an international adventure. Those benefits alone could be worth it, but why stop here?
  • Second, interning in Seville may be a wonderful way for students (you!) to connect with a local community and submerse yourself in Spanish culture. You could establish a professional (and international!) network, make new friends, and explore the nuances of Spanish culture that you might miss as a tourist.  
  • Third, you may develop your Spanish language skills while interning abroad in Sevilla. You might develop your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills as you navigate the city, grocery shop, talk to friends, read newspapers, or otherwise engage in everyday life; or, in some internships, you may communicate with coworkers using Spanish and learn some of the Spanish lexicon for your field or industry.
  • Fourth, you could explore and enjoy Sevilla as you commute to and from one of your internships in Seville. While you’ll certainly want to explore Sevilla as a tourist too, there might be something neat and intriguing about designing your day around your internship. You might find your favorite café, establish your favorite routes, or come across the same people more regularly. Collectively, these and other experiences could give you the feeling of being a resident. That could enrich your experience.   
  • Finally, at least for now, if you take classes while you intern abroad in Sevilla, you may be able to apply what you learn on the job and approach your teachers with questions about your internship. The academic and professional components of your program could prove mutually beneficial.  

These are just some of the many benefits of choosing one of your preferred internships in Seville! To discover other benefits, you’ll have to jump right in!

What Might I Do and See in Seville? 

Sevilla brims with stunning sights and treasured places. Its old city, for example, has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the General Archive of the Indies, the Alcázar palace complex, and the Seville Cathedral. Each of these places sits amongst others in a proud parade of history and beauty. Sevilla’s Spanish, Moorish, Catalan, and Jewish roots infuse the city with design, artistry, and culture from numerous eras and influences. The sum of Sevilla’s many enjoyable sights and places is a city you’ll likely love to explore. Here’s some of what you might want to see:  

  • Old Sevilla (or old city). Numerous treasured places decorate Sevilla’s old city. In addition to the World Heritage Sites we mentioned above, you’ll likely enjoy seeing the Archbishop’s Palace, the Church of Santa Cruz, and the Hospital de los Venerables. These places’ bright colors and charming characters add intrigue to old town’s parks, gardens, and squares. Wander to old city and enjoy. 
  • Flamenco. Whether you watch a show or take a lesson, find flamenco and revel in its artistry and beauty. Flamenco originated in Andalucía, Spain, the autonomous community of which Seville is the capital, and Sevilla embraces the colorful and vivacious dance.
  • Barrio Santa Cruz and the Sierpes. Barrio Santa Cruz channels historical and cultural significance, and Sierpes boasts an impressive shopping scene. While distinct in character, both of these places might fascinate you. While you’re in Sierpes, be sure to see la Plaza Salvador and its pink brick and marble church.
  • Sevilla cuisine. Don’t just see it—eat it. Go to small and large, trendy and traditional restaurants and enjoy. Try paella, tortilla Española, jamón serrano, and churros (to start!). Drink cafés con leches, eat sweet treats, and find freshly baked bread. Enjoy meals during siesta and hit historic bars for tapas. Have a little fun with Seville cuisine. 
  • Sevilla. That’s right—take time to see the city itself. Much of Sevilla’s beauty lies in its intricacies and details. Walk along the Guadalquivir River, tour the Metropol Parasol, and sit in the Plaza de España. Walk up and down streets, and observe all you can. Take pictures or enjoy with the naked eye. You’re likely to thoroughly enjoy Sevilla’s beauty.  

These are just some of the many things you could enjoy while you intern abroad in Sevilla.

How Can I Find Internships in Seville?

We’ve put together a list of Seville study abroad programs with internships for your exploration. Simply explore them, contact them through our website, and jump right in. Perhaps there’s no time like now to begin a career and life-enhancing adventure! Enjoy!