Intensive Language Programs in India | Learn Hindi in IndiaWhy Intensive Language Programs in India?

If you’re looking for a study abroad program that may be off the beaten path and could simultaneously help you develop skills in a new language, studying Hindi in India could be a great choice! Even if you have no previous Hindi experience, this program could be for you. Through Intensive Language Programs in India, you can learn new techniques in the classroom then practically apply those skills in your daily routine. The streets of India could be an extension of the classroom as you explore your new home. And with English as one India's national languages, you could have the chance to immerse yourself in a new language while having the safety net of a familiar one at hand.

An Intensive Language Programs in India in India is about balancing your studies with your exploration of a new country – and Intensive Language Programs in India are no different. Keep reading below to find out some great ways to take advantage of, and enjoy, your next adventure.

Studying Hindi in India

The great part about studying Hindi in India is that you might not have to have any previous experience with the language in order to join a program. So if you don’t understand the phrase “Main hindee mein baat nahin karate,” (I don’t speak Hindi) you’ll be okay! Of course, maybe you won’t have to use that phrase after you’ve taken a few courses.

By studying Hindi in India, you could immerse yourself fully in a new language. As one of the national languages of India, you could hear Hindi almost anywhere you travel within the country. This could have you testing your new language skills as part of your daily routine. While homework and in-class exercises are helpful, having to speak your new language to order food or chat with your neighbors is an whole different experience. By applying your skills directly to your everyday tasks, you could have the chance to continually practice and develop them. This could be a quick way to become proficient!

Exploring India

All work and no play could make for a dull study abroad experience – and while your academics have the first part covered, India has the latter. Hidden among bustling cities and dense jungles of the country are a wide assortment of sights, excursions, and festivals that could differentiate your program from any others throughout the globe. Just think, you could have the opportunity to do some of these activities:

  • India is known for what are called the Big Five – that’s five different breeds of big cats. Bengal tigers, Asiatic lions, snow leopards, clouded leopards, and Indian leopards may all be glimpsed on various trips into the jungle. You may have seen the felines in the zoo, but never this close!
  • Extensive rail lines run throughout India and it’s a popular form of transportation. The train rides could let you see some gorgeous sights throughout the country. Lines go through and past the Darjeeling tea plantations, the Himalaya mountains, and the Western Ghat foothills. Book a “sleeper” ticket to make the train your hotel for a one-of-a-kind weekend getaway.
  • It’s hard to talk about India and not mention the Taj Mahal. The towering palace-like structure was originally built by an emperor in memoriam of his wife. Today it acts as a tomb for both of them. Tourist are welcome to visit the ivory mausoleum throughout the week, except on Friday, when it’s only open for prayer at the mosque.

There’s plenty more sights to see throughout India – not to mention food to eat, music to listen to, and festivals to take part in. Since the country is your classroom, try to use as much Hindi as you’re able to in your adventures. English is the other national language of India, so many locals may be more than willing to help you practice!

Study Hindi in India: Finding a Program

Studying Hindi in India could be only a few more clicks away! If you’re ready to take the plunge, scroll down the page to view a list of intensive language programs. To request more information about a particular program, click through the link. To apply, head over to the program’s official site. This could be the start to a wondrous adventure – good luck finding a perfect intensive language program in India, today!