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Ciao! Do you find yourself dreaming of rolling Tuscan hills, with vineyards covering the landscape? Perhaps you see yourself in a small town in Umbria, winding through the quiet streets and exploring the charming stores and piazzas.
Rome, Italy
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Study Abroad
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High School
Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Winter Semester

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Spend a year with YFU in Italy studying in one of four different education tracks: Liceo Scientifico, Liceo Classico, Liceo Liguistico or Istituto Tecnico e Commerciale. These high schools focus on subjects such as Sciences, the Classics, Languages, or Business. As you make friends and get to know your host family, you'll see Italian culture from an insider's perspective. Eat Italian food made in your home's kitchen, explore the old streets of your town, and see what daily life is like for Italian students. As your Italian improves and you connect with the people around you, you'll see why Italy is so beloved around the world. Students may also choose from IB, bilingual, art or music school options. Please visit the YFU website for additional information.

Youth For Understanding USA’s (YFU) high school study abroad program is an experience that will immerse you in the lives, language, cultures, and communities of a real family in one of more than 40 countries around the globe. YFU is a homestay experience where you live with a carefully selected host family who has agreed to open their home and their hearts to you—providing room, board and a caring home. You’ll gain a global family, make new friends and even attend a new school on academic programs.

YFU programs make a lasting, life-changing impact on young people. YFU students return as young adults—more independent, competent and confident—with a deeper understanding of their family and country. They also discover that the YFU experience opens doors for many years to come, enhancing educational and professional opportunities. 

Setting Description:
Italy is known for its considerable architectural achievements, such as the construction of arches, domes and similar structures during ancient Rome. After all, many of the Roman ruins are still intact today! While on your exchange you’ll have the opportunity to see many of the different styles of architecture that were developed by Italians. And on an optional trip to Rome you will have the opportunity to see these styles played out in the iconic structures of the Roman Forum, Coliseum and other Roman ruins throughout the city! Rome is a city that must not be missed. Even in the countryside, the unique architecture is impossible to ignore, as you pass by ancient aqueducts that still dot the Italian countryside. As Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance, it is bursting at the seams with famous paintings, sculptures, frescos, and more. With the statue of David in Florence, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome and the "Leaning Tower of Pisa" in Pisa, Italy is filled
Cost of the program varies depending on length of stay- please see our website for full details.

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Through the generosity of numerous corporations, governments, foundations and individuals, YFU awards more than $2.3 million in partial or full study abroad scholarships annually.

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