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Xploreo programs are the most DIY immersion travel option out there. We connect you to local volunteer opportunities and authentic immersive experiences around the world. If you want a fully personalized volunteer experience, join Xploreo!
Darwin, Australia; Perth, Australia
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Volunteer Abroad
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Animals, Environment
1-2 weeks, 3-4 weeks, 1-3 months, 4-6 months

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Xploreo volunteering is the most flexible, affordable, DIY non-credit immersionoption out there. Take the uncertainty out of your experience abroad by browsingour pool of vetted NGOs around the world and selecting to start a conversation withone that fits what you’re looking for. If you meet the criteria they’re looking for andit’s a match, you can book directly with the charity. That means any fees will godirectly to them, not a placement agency. Not sure of exactly what you’re lookingfor? We are happy to help recommend volunteer experiences and locations.Depending on the number of hours you want to be involved in volunteering and theavailability of the NGO, you have the flexibility to build your own daily schedule, andto make it as intensive or more vacation-esque as you desire. Some volunteeringexperiences include room and board. Xploreo also makes it possible to search forhomestays and language teachers, depending on your interest and time frame.Xploreo programs are open to anyone over the age of 18 who consider themselvesan independent traveler. While we do provide 24/7 call support and ensure thatlocal volunteer experiences and travelers are vetted and verified and connect on theground, Xploreo does not arrange a fully scheduled trip itinerary for you.  Instead,you are free to custom tailor your own experience abroad to ensure that it preciselymeets your requirements.  More about Xploreo: Xploreo is an online marketplace that directly connects peopleseeking immersive and authentic overseas experiences with the best vetted locallanguage teachers, volunteering opportunities, internships and homestay familiesaround the world. We flip the traditional study abroad model on its head,eliminating third-party agents who layer on many fees, and replace it with an easyand seamless way to connect aspiring adventurers, language learners, and altruistswith local people. We aim to create a world where overseas experiences areaffordable and accessible for all travelers, and grounded in a community of trust andgoodwill.How to Get Started: You can get started on Xploreo  by signing up for an account andcreating a profile. You may search from many different providers all over the worldfor language learning, volunteering, homestays, teaching, and internships aroundthe world. Rather than booking and paying a third-party placement agency,Xploreo  enables you to directly discover and book with the locals on the ground. Nomiddleman, no fuss. Once you find an experience that tickles your fancy, you can useour online messaging system to reach out to and get to know a local provider beforebooking. Once you are comfortable and have your dates figured out, you book andpay directly on Xploreo. Our 100% guarantee means that you can be assured thatXploreo  providers will follow through and if anything goes wrong while you're abroad,our 24/7 phone support will be there to respond to make things right. Xploreo is best forthe more independent traveler who wants more local immersion and less hand holding.


Setting Description:
Volunteer sites vary greatly depending on what kind of experience you are seeking. We have a wide variety of Xploreo volunteer hosts. In Australia, there are Animal Care and Environmental programs.
100/week USD. Costs may vary depending on the non-profit organization. By connecting directly with them, you are able to minimize your costs while maximizing your learning.

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Xploreo programs are open to anyone over the age of 18 who consider themselves an independent traveler. You may be enrolled in a degree program, a gap year, working professional, or any age.

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