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Voyager Europe is the expert in summer multi-country study abroad. We have an unrivaled itinerary and life-changing cultural immersion experience. We travel between cities by plane or high-speed train and stay in highly-rated, city-center, hotels.
Brussels, Belgium; Segovia, Spain; Toledo, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; Paris, France; Rome, Italy; Lisbon, Portugal; Madrid, Spain; Multi-Country Programs, Multi-Country Programs; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Florence, Italy; Pisa, Italy; Venice, Italy
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Study Abroad
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Voyager Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium and the Netherlands) is a program of Voyager Study Abroad (VSA). VSA is the expert in summer, multi-country and multi-city, programs in Europe! 

VSA uses an innovative hub design - participants keep their own room in a modern residence in an upscale Madrid neighborhood for the entire program. Every room has a private bath and kitchenette. Participants have unlimited access to the rooftop swimming pool, on-site fitness center and restaurant. Participants are served their choice of breakfast and choice of lunch or dinner daily. 

Most of the time is spent exploring the other amazing cities on the itinerary. There are four separate multi-day trips by plane or high-speed train with stays in highly-rated, city-center, “Certificate of “Excellence” hotels. 

The unrivaled itinerary includes Europe’s most important cities - Madrid, Lisbon, Florence, Venice, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Voyager Europe is a cultural immersion experience unlike any other. One-of-a-kind classes are enhanced by incredible cultural and professional activities. 

The program starts in Madrid on June 26, 2019 and includes 6 Countries and 14 Cities in 30 Days from $10,990 or add-on Ibiza for 6 Countries and 15 Cities in 33 Days from $11,490. Apply before May 30, 2018 for a $500 early-bird discount.

Please contact us for a brochure, detailed itinerary or information on our one-of-kind classes.

Setting Description:
Voyager Europe provides an unrivaled immersion experience that includes class- and city-specific activities in some of Europe's most important cities including Madrid, Lisbon, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Rome, Toledo, Segovia, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Participants stay in highly-rated, city-center, hotels and travel between cities by planes or high speed trains. Participants have a home-away-from-home in Madrid - a private room in a modern residence for the entire program. This is a unique feature to Voyager Europe and our participants can safely leave belongings behind when we travel to the other cities. We take for multi-day trips from Madrid during the program. Participants take classes at our sponsor college in Madrid - a pleasant walk from the residence. We provide more and better meals! Activities include a Spanish Cooking Class, Tapas Tasting, Wine Tasting , Flamenco Show and much more. Voyager Europe is a summer like no other!
Voyager Europe is the expert in summer, multi-country, study abroad in Europe! We offer much more than any other multi-country program and cost thousands less. Our tuition and fees with two classes (6 credits) is $9,990 and with one class (3 credits) is $9,490. Even better, we are offering an Early-Bird through December 15, 2017 and all applicants before that date accepted into our program will receive $1,000 off. Internships and other incentives are available.

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Students must be 18 years old by the start of the program on June 28, 2018.
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