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The Master's Degree Programme in Finance focuses on the theory of finance and financial analysis.
Vaasa, Finland
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Full Degree
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The intended knowledge learning outcomes of the Programme are centered around two core areas of Finance; Corporate Finance and Financial Analysis and Financial Markets and Instruments. Within Corporate Finance and Financial Analysis, students will acquire knowledge on corporate financial decisions, financial management, long-term financial policies as well as corporate control and governance, and will come to understand investment appraisal criteria underlying corporate investment decisions. In terms of Financial Markets and Instruments, the Programme aims to develop in-depth knowledge in different types of financial instruments, the functioning of global financial markets, asset valuation, and option theory. Students will also learn analytical approaches and methods for financial analysis and for conducting empirical research in finance. The coursework of the Programme is devised to equip students with all the necessary tools that are needed for decision making and problem solving within corporate finance and for understanding the increasingly complex and globalized financial markets. The Master's Degree Programme in Finance is designed to provide a solid foundation for a successful and fulfilling career. The Programme supports and guides students in developing academic skills in the key areas of finance as well as more generic analytical and problem solving skills that are essential competencies for financial experts. The coursework and the various individual and group assignments, combined with the international body of students, also develop students’ communication and interpersonal skills in a multicultural environment. Through the development of these skills, the Master's Degree Programme in Finance prepares the students for successful careers in the financial industry, multinational firms, public organizations or in academia. The career prospects of Finance graduates are excellent and there are many career opportunities worldwide, with typical jobs including financial analyst, portfolio manager, investment banker, chief financial officer, treasurer, risk manager, stock broker, economist, and investment adviser. The programme also provides eligibility for doctoral studies in Finance.

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Epas accredited
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The following fields are evaluated in the application process: 1. Bachelor's degree of the applicant Suitability of the major subject in Bachelor's degree to the Master's programme in question, scope of the degree, applicant’s success in the previous studies. 2. Language proficiency In addition, the following areas are taken into consideration when evaluating the applications: 3. Motivation of the applicant 4. Relevant work experience 5. International experience For further eligibility requirements and admission criteria, please visit our site.
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When applying for admission, the applicants are required to prove their English language proficiency.

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