Siena, Italy
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Study Abroad
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Program Overview

Program Description:
The Summer Program in Siena, established in 1972, was our first summer abroad program and was the model for the other summer programs. Since its inception, over 4500 students from across Canada have completed a University of Toronto summer course in Siena. The praise for the program has been consistently and overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Your host is the University of Siena, Italy’s second oldest university dating back to 1240. It is a state university with over 18,000 students. The University of Siena is also home to the Siena-Toronto Centre, which coordinates a variety of initiatives on Canadian culture.

The University of Toronto offers 3 to 6 week summer courses in Argentina, Australia, Central Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland), China (Hong Kong and Shanghai), Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Italy, Peru, Southeastern Europe (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia), Spain and the United Arab Emirates. Courses are for degree credit and students from other North American universities are welcome to participate. Prices vary by site and range from approximately $4200 to $9000 (this include tuition, accommodation, meals, textbooks, and field trips).

Among the many summer events in Siena, the most famous is the Palio, a spectacular bareback horse race preceded by colourful, historic parades and festas, culminating in one of the oldest and largest street parties in Italy. There are also free organ recitals in the Cathedral, open-air operas, street performers and a myriad of other festivals throughout the month of August.
Setting Description:
Situated on three hills in the centre of the Tuscany region, Siena is an almost intact walled medieval city. Walking its narrow streets you can uncover Gothic palaces and pastry shops, unseen neighborhood rivalries, the unique shell-shaped Piazza del Campo, and altarpieces of astounding beauty. Outside the old quarter you will find everything from lush green vineyards, valleys and wooded countryside, to volcanic areas. In a city famous for its art, visitors can enjoy the National Gallery, the Town Hall, the Cathedral and Cathedral Museum, and barely scratch the surface in Siena alone. Within the famous 13th-century Duomo, you could spend hours just staring at the flooring, a mosaic of 59 etched and inlaid marble panels. There are also many smaller galleries, museums, libraries and churches in the towns and villages scattered throughout Tuscany.
Prices vary by site and range from approximately $4200 to $9000 (this include tuition, accommodation, meals, textbooks, and field trips).