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The MS in Kinesiology is a 36-credit program that combines resources of four UT System universities and is designed to meet your academic, professional and lifestyle needs as a physical educator, coach, or other professional.
Austin, United States
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Full Degree
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Welcome to the Master of Science in Kinesiology Online (KINO) program. Obtain your master’s degree from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), the University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB), or the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) and enjoy the the flexibility of online, Web-based instruction through the UT Online Consortium (UTOC). The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) also offers courses in the program.

The combined resources of four University of Texas System universities allow you access to online graduate courses designed to meet your academic, professional and lifestyle needs as a physical educator, a coach, or other professional interested in the science of people in motion. Students wanting to participate in the KINO program should apply for admission to one of the three UT System universities offering the degree, enroll and complete that institution's degree requirements.

All courses can be completed online. Each participating university will accept courses from the other institutions to satisfy the degree requirements. ranks the Kinesiology Online program #16 on its Best Buy list in the category of Most Affordable Online Masters in Education.


Below is a list of the courses offered in the KINO program. The program course code is listed first with the campus course code in parentheses, followed by the course title and the host campus in parentheses. 

  • KINO 6310 (KINE 6360) Advanced Exercise Physiology (UTPB) (Prerequisite Anatomy and Physiology)
  • KINO 6312 (KINE 6362) Training and Conditioning Methods (UTPB) (Prerequisite KINO 6310)
  • KINO 6316 Applied Biomechanics
    • (KIN 5361) Biomechanical Basis of Sport (UTEP)
    • (KAH 5103) Biomechanics (UTSA)
  • KINO 6320 Sport Psychology
    • (KINE 6320) Advanced Sport Psychology (UTPB)
    • (KAH 6033) Sport Psychology (UTSA)
  • KINO 6322 (KINE 6322) Applied Sport Psychology (UTPB) (Prerequisite KINO 6320)
  • KINO 6323 (KINE 6323) Advanced Psychology of Exercise (UTPB)
  • KINO 6326 (KIN 5373) Motor Learning and Control (UTEP)
  • KINO 6330 (KINE 6340) Sport and Society (UTPB)
  • KINO 6340 (KINE 6310) History and Philosophy of Kinesiology (UTRGV)
  • KINO 6350 (KINE 6381) Curricular Innovations (UTPB)
  • KINO 6352
    • (KINE 6380) Analysis of Teaching and Coaching Behavior (UTPB)
    • (KIN 5364) Advanced Topics in Kinesiology: Effective Teaching in Physical Education (UTEP)
  • KINO 6354 (KIN 5369) Physical Activities for Young Children (UTEP)
  • KINO 6356 (KINE 6356) Issues of Women and Sport (UTPB)
  • KINO 6360
    • (KINE 6360) Organization and Administration of Sport Programs (UTRGV)
    • (KINE 6382) Administration of Physical Education and Athletics (UTPB)
  • KINO 6363 (KINE 6363) Methods and Procedures for Coronary Heart Disease Risk Detection and Reduction (UTPB)
  • KINO 6365 (KINE 6385) Determinants and Perspectives of Health and Illness (UTRGV)
  • KINO 6367 (KINE 6345) Planning and Use of Facilities (UTRGV)
  • KINO 6369 (KIN 5375) Advanced Scientific Principles of Strength Training and Conditioning (UTEP) (Prerequisite KINO 6310)
  • KINO 6370 (KINE 6310) Statistics (UTPB)
  • KINO 6372 Research Methods
    • (KINE 6315) Research Methods (UTRGV) (Prerequisite KINO 6370)
    • (KAH 5123) Research in Health and Kinesiology (UTSA) (Prerequisite KINO 6370)
    • (KINE 6312) Research Methods (UTPB) (Prerequisite KINO 6370)



Degree-Granting Institutions

UT El Paso
Dr. Sandor Dorgo
Associate Professor
(915) 747-7222 (prefers e-mail)
[email protected]
Degree Awarded: Master of Science in Kinesiology (currently not accepting new applicants)

UT Permian Basin
Dr. James Eldridge
Associate Professor
(432) 552-2331 (prefers e-mail)
[email protected]
Degree Awarded: Master of Science in Kinesiology

UT Rio Grande Valley
Dr. Zasha Romero
Assistant Professor
(956) 665-2881
[email protected]
Degree Awarded: Master of Science in Kinesiology

Institution Contributing Courses

UT San Antonio
Dr. Alberto Cordova
Assistant Professor
(210) 458-6226
[email protected]

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