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MPM is a post-Graduate, mid-career program for potential leaders from the public sector of developing countries.
Potsdam, Germany
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Full Degree
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Economic Development

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Governments and public institutions all over the world are being increasingly challenged to provide high-quality services and to respond swiftly and more closely to citizens’ needs. The complexity of organizational and policy change requires professionals to have a new understanding of public service issues and a broad range of skills. Particularly in developing and transition countries, public administration requires decision-makers with interdisciplinary skills who are capable of solving problems in management and communication, thereby helping to drive public administration reform. Designed to meet the demand for appropriately trained managerial staff, the curriculum content of the postgraduate Master of Public Management (MPM) programme, offered since 1999, is divided into three specialization streams: The specialization in Public Policy and Administration (PPA) is designed to equip public sector professionals with the analytical and practical skills required to meet society's need for improved efficiency and effectiveness in public management. Look here for more information. With a similar orientation, the Global Public Policy (GPP) specialization provides the frameworks to meet the challenges of managing public policies that transcend national borders. Look here for more information. The specialization GeoGovernance (GG), based on a strong collaboration with the prestigious Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, provides a science-based additional qualification to professionals working at the interface of administrative and environmental policy. The students will be able to apply the complex interaction between natural change processes and critical social and political-administrative processes, and assess and enhance leadership skills in a rapidly changing and globalized environment. Curriculum Structure The full-time MPM Programme runs over two semesters, includes a study tour and the submission of a master‘s thesis. The programme’s interdisciplinary approach in the first semester includes the study of public management and policy analysis in a joint foundation module, and introductory courses in earth-systems science, international regimes and financial management in the three streams. In the second semester, students specialize further in the three streams: Public Policy and Administration, Global Public Policy and GeoGovernance. Learning Approach Participants in the MPM Programme exposed to a range of interdisciplinary approaches to conceptual assessment, implementation, and the adaptation of cutting-edge management models to the specific circumstances of public sector organizations and public policy-making. The MPM Programme encourages pro-active behavior and a hands-on approach to teaching and learning. It requires participants to demonstrate considerable initiative and the ability to carry out highly independent study and research. The programme thereby seeks to improve professional competence by developing high-level cognitive and attitudinal skills, as well as practical expertise.

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The MPM Programme is accredited by the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA)
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