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This three-week programme will give students an in-depth look into the ways in which thinking and speaking about security have changed over time, and how stakeholders on various levels deal with conflicts and security
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Full Degree
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Graduate Certificate
Public Policy

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During this course we will look at how thinking and speaking about security has changed over time and how various stakeholders have adopted differing interpretations. We will consider security at various levels, ranging from the international arena to the state and from private security companies to communities and individuals. 

Through the completion of this programme, students will: have a sound understanding of different theories and representations of  a security actor and the field of security; be skilled in critical analysis of the security realm.

Subjects such as international security, new wars, human security, “Responsibility to protect”, development, human rights, national security in a globalising world, private security companies, gated communities, and security initiatives from below will be addressed during the lectures, in addition to various, interesting excursions. Students can expect a full-day visit to the Hague and an overnight visit to Belgium (included in the tuition).

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University of Amsterdam, Graduate School of Social Sciences
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Current BA, Current MA

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