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Designed for teachers who are certified to teach and desire more experience in foundations of literacy learning and teaching.
Buffalo, United States
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Full Degree
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Graduate Certificate
Teacher Education

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The Certificate of Advanced Study in Literacy Teaching and Learning is designed for teachers who have already been certified to teach in the areas of early childhood, childhood, adolescence, or related educational areas (e.g. teaching English language learners; special education, etc.) or educational professionals who desire more experience in foundations of literacy learning and teaching. This program does not lead to a recommendation for a teacher certificate in literacy. For those interested in a teacher certificate in literacy, we offer an EdM degree program in literacy specialist. Or, for those who already hold an advanced degree, you might be eligible for a teacher certificate in literacy by applying via the Individual Evaluation pathway (for information about this pathway, contact the certification officer at your local BOCES or the Office of Teaching Initiatives within the New York State Education Department). Recent changes in prevailing educational policy have: Spurred the need for all K-12 classroom teachers to increase their knowledge base related to literacy; Fostered renewed interest among administrators, curriculum developers, content area teachers, and technology specialists in literacy teaching and learning; Intensified concerns about literacy teaching and learning for students of diverse cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds; Required Literacy Specialists to take on roles and literacy teaching and learning by responsibilities beyond servicing struggling readers to: provide professional development design research evaluations of literacy programs disseminate current research, liaise with administrators write grants

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Middle States
Proof of NYS certification in one or more areas of teaching (e.g., early childhood, childhood, adolescence, teaching English language learners, special education, math, science, etc.)

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