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This will be a fantastic experience for anyone interested in learning about this part of the world from a different perspective. Those with a special interest in Architecture and Design should definitely go on this pilgrimage.
Athens, Greece
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Study Abroad
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Athens is regarded as the “cradle” of western civilization where so many intellectual and artistic ideas originated. It is also a place where you can see this rich history coexisting with an exciting, dynamic, contemporary city. This course presents a unique opportunity to engage with this extraordinary place on a whole new level. This summer we will explore the inspiring city of Athens from a designers’ perspective. The course will focus on production design for stage and film including a look at how visual ideas for a story are processed and interpreted. We will study a wide range of productions with an emphasis on interpretations of Classical Plays, Greek Myths and Epic Poems. A companion class will provide an introduction to the foundational skills needed for design drawing by observing and recording interior and exterior architecture featured throughout this great city.

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