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Study. * Enroll in two fo the courses offered * Courses taught by master performers and local faculty
Arezzo, Italy
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Study Abroad
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Offered through UC Irvine Summer Session Travel-Study in partnership with Accademia Dell'Arte. Located in Arezzo, the Accademia dell'Arte facilitates students of the performing arts to experience the marvelous tapestry of Italian culture while gaining insight and experience in the world of European Theatre, Vocal Arts, and Dance. *Knowledge of Italian is not required* The Accademia dell'Arte invites you to experience Italian culture while gaining insight into the world of European Theatre, Art History, Studio Arts, and Italian language. Immerse yourself in Art History by studying da Vinci and Michelangelo, Titan, and Tintoretto -- all on their native soil. Study advanced drama techniques or learn basic drawing using the beautiful Tuscan landscape as your inspiration.

Study. * Enroll in two fo the courses offered * Courses taught by master performers and local faculty

This program is for students interested in a traditional Italian countryside experience. You will be served fresh meals family-style and live in a historic Italian villa with more charm than modern conveniences. All students are expected to respect and contribute to the small campus community.
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Stroll through the ancient Casentino Forest, a sublimely tranquil environment and a haven for monks and hermits. Discover the mysterious 6,000 year-old Etruscan civilization which once counted the Romans amongst its subjects. A short train ride will take you to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. On a trip to Rome, you will find yourself inside the Colosseum, Michaelangel's Piazza del Campidoglio, and Vatican City. Travel. * Overnight trip to Rome * Day trip to Florence * Day trip to Siena * Day trip to Casentiono Forest and La Verna * Tour of Arezzo Live. * Accommodations on campus, a short walk from Arezzo * Double rooms with shared bathrooms and showers * Breakfast seven days per week * Lunch and dinner provided (Monday - Friday)
USD 6050-6500 UC undergrad estimated fee; USD 6600-7100 estimated fee for all others

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