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Students get firsthand field exposure to a multiplicity of perspectives, ideas, and people through orientation, field trips, guest speakers, professional internships, faculty-supervised projects and research, and day-to-day interactions.
Athens, Greece
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Intern Abroad
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Arts & Architecture, Education, Journalism, Law, Sciences & Environment, Social Sciences

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The Balkans IFP examines the dynamic between security and society with particular attention to issues of identity and migration along the Balkan route. It traces the physical, political, legal, social, and economic terrain that structures and defines the interactions between various actors along one of the main historic migration paths. As we shift our gaze from the Turkish Aegean coast, from one island "hot spot" to another, across Greece, Bulgaria, and Serbia, we engage with histories of empires and their collapse, ancient and more recent migration flows, and the cultural sediment they have left behind. Student research agendas, internships, and media projects are arranged along several thematic axes connected to broader topics of security and society; identity relationships, the conversations and the conflicts they spark, and the actors that claim them; migration, refugee issues and policies; EU and regional politics; the built environment, camps, spaces of confinement, and the paths and actors of mobility; as well as the institutional and legal structures  and the dominant discourses that frame these topics. 

Faculty Country Chair: Everita Silina

  • Program duration: June-July 2020, with a continuation of the studio in fall 2020. Students might have an option to travel to Lesvos in January 2019.
  • Fieldwork: June-July 2020. For Lesvos, a winter option is possible.
  • Open to: Open to all students in graduate school programs and advanced undergraduates from The New School and other universities. 
  • Contact The New School University
  • Language requirement: For those wishing to undertake the January or June field experience related to the refugee camps, familiarity with French, Arabic, and/or Urdu is strongly recommended.
  • Schools and programs: All students in graduate school programs and advanced undergraduates. Non-New School students may also be considered.
  • Lodging: Hotels and apartments.
  • Concentrations: All concentrations in International Affairs are applicable to this program.
Setting Description:
Since its inception in 2002, hundreds of students have participated in our signature International Field Program (IFP) in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. The IFP is a platform for emerging practitioners and researchers to gain experience in the field within an academic environment.
$5,130 USD. Tuition, 3 or 6 credits: The cost per credit depends on your program within The New School. For students outside of The New School, tuition is based on the International Affairs per-credit cost. Please email with questions about specific program costs. Tuition, noncredit: There is a $5,130 flat fee for those who wish to participate in the IFP without earning academic credits.

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The IFP is open to Master's and Ph.D. students, undergraduates (rising juniors and seniors), and continuing education professionals from all fields and areas of study. The program is open to both New School and non-New School applicants.
Scholarships Description:
Many study-abroad scholarships are available through various external organizations. It is worthwhile researching and applying for scholarships on your own.

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