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International Institutions such as the World Trade Organisation and its legal framework, UNCTAD and new fora of global economic governance The economics of free trade and its political implications for developing countries Case Studies
Geneva, Switzerland
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Study Abroad
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The Summer Programme on Global Trade Governance provides participants with a unique opportunity to enter into the analysis and atmosphere of multilateral trade, just a few meters away from the WTO. The programme, delivered with the Graduate Institute Centre for Trade and Economic Integration, combines and integrates economic, legal and political analysis of international trade and development. Participants will benefit from input of negotiators, academics and issue-based activists, and will experience the field of international trade firsthand through visits to some of the prominent trade-related organisations and government missions located in Geneva.

Lectures and discussions will shed light on the following questions: the reasons why countries open their economies to trade and the reasons why they protect domestic industries, the means and pathways they use to either open or protect, what these considerations mean for the multilateral trading system and their implications for economic development. The programme will cover topics such as Trade in Manufactures, Trade in Services, Regionalism, Trade and Intellectual Property Rights, Trade and Food Policy, the links between Trade and Development as well as the links between Trade and Climate Change. The programme includes: Lectures - Multidisciplinary approach to the dynamics of international trade - Renowned professors and high-level analysts from the trade field - Cutting-edge expertise on topical issues Workshops and visits - In-depth and small-group debate of selected issues drawing on lectures and readings - Meetings with Members Missions to the WTO as well as trade and development-related organisations in Geneva Symposium - A public lecture or round table with high-level speakers on a timely and important topic related to the programme

The programme is designed for students and young professionals keen to improve their knowledge on current major issues in international trade or with an interest in international trade and related fields. Participation in the entire programme may be accepted for credit at other universities (6 ECTS credits; or the U.S. equivalent). All participants will receive a course certificate.

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The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies' mission as an institution of higher education and research is to provide independent and rigorous analyses of current and emerging world issues with a double emphasis on international relations and development studies.
2800 CHF.

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