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Learn about tourism and heritage studies in Southeast Asia with an emphasis on how tourism has impacted ethnic minorities in northern Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Study Abroad
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Summer, Winter Semester

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Home to diverse ethnic minority groups, commonly called “hill tribes,” northern Thailand offers a unique area where a number of different peoples, beliefs and lifestyles can be found in relatively close proximity. For decades, these hill tribe villages have been at the center of tourism initiatives to both the benefit and detriment of the communities they were meant to support. Spend three weeks in this fascinating region studying tourism, ethnic identity and heritage studies with a focus on how tourism has impacted ethnic minorities in northern Thailand. Based in the popular hub of Chiang Mai, the course travels to visit three distinct ethnic minority villages – consisting of the Hmong, Karen and Kayan peoples – to ethically engage with the communities and learn about tourism’s effects firsthand. Led by a leading American anthropologist living in Thailand, the course is limited to just 12 students to ensure an immersive experience.

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2.5 GPA Currently enrolled at an approved degree-granting institution of higher education. Students should be prepared for a fair amount of travel by minivan, hiking and staying the night in rural villages.
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