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Learn about Southeast Asia’s unique mix of religious traditions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and various ethnic minority belief systems
Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Study Abroad
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A crossroads of religious exchange and cooperation since the 19th century, northern Thailand is home to a unique blend of beliefs and communities that still exist to this day. More than 90% of Thailand’s population identifies as Buddhist but Islam, Christianity and various indigenous beliefs also play a meaningful role in culture and society. Spend three weeks in this fascinating region, starting in the cultural hub of Chiang Mai with extensive travel to surrounding destinations, learning more about the area’s unique mix of religions through lectures and immersive site visits, engaging directly with the communities that still adhere to their distinct spiritual beliefs. The course also emphasizes the cultural components of Southeast Asian religions, including art, architecture, food and rituals, all while exploring some of northern Thailand’s most significant cities, spiritual sites, ethnic minority groups and more.

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2.5 GPA Currently enrolled at an approved degree-granting institution of higher education. This program is best suited for students with an interest in religion and culture, but is also appropriate for fulfilling general education requirements. There is no prerequisite nor specialized knowledge students need before taking this course.
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