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This is a high-quality 1 year graduate program that focuses on the dynamics and complexities of politics in the global age.
Tel Aviv, Israel
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Full Degree
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Political Science

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The fusion between theories of leadership, elections and media capacities has become necessary for the understanding of the complexity of politics in the last decades. This is especially true in democratic regimes, where leaders have to orchestrate a "permanent campaign" in order to win the sympathy of the public in a reality full of global and local challenges. The program is tailored for students interested in advancing their knowledge and understanding of the practical dimensions of politics, especially the challenges that arise from the interconnectedness between leadership, elections and communications. The topics addressed in the program include: Theories of democratic leadership; elections, electoral behavior and electoral systems in contemporary democracies; political campaigns and elections in the internet age; characteristics of political communication in the 21st century; the impact of the television age and the internet on political leadership and the rise of new supportive professions, such as media and image advisers; public diplomacy and propaganda; the personalization of politics and the decline of political parties; leadership in civil society and leadership in war and crisis situations; and others.

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North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission
You do not need to have any Hebrew knowledge to study in the program. It is taught in English. However, it is possible for students to take a Hebrew Ulpan in order to enhance their experience in Israel.

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