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TEFL Worldwide is a leading TEFL course provider and was voted the Top TEFL course in 2018! Become certified to teach English abroad! Lifetime job guidance worldwide. Gain the skills to teach in any classroom worldwide. Apply Today!
Prague, Czech Republic
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Teach Abroad
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High School
3-4 weeks, 1-3 months
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Get Paid to Teach English Abroad! Become TEFL certified in just 4 weeks.

Teaching English abroad is the easiest way to live and work abroad while experiencing new cultures, languages and being able to travel easily. It's also extremely rewarding to help people learn the most important language in the world. 

In just 4 weeks you can be TEFL certified and teaching English abroad! TEFL Worldwide is a highly reputable American owned school offering the 4-week, 125 hour, Internationally Recognized & Accredited TEFL Certificate in the heart of Europe... Prague! We also provide lifetime job guidance worldwide! 

To date we have over 3,000 graduates who have taught in 60+ countries. Our graduates are in high demand by language schools all over the globe. Typically they are teaching within 1-2 weeks after graduation, many times sooner!

During the TEFL course you will have 8-10 hours of hands on teaching experience during the course, and will learn the latest methodology gaining the skills, knowledge and tools needed to deliver an effective English lesson.

Most of our staff are from North America so we know what it’s like to pack up and move overseas! We are always happy to help so you'll always have a great support network with us. 

Courses are offered monthly and applications are accepted at all times. Apply Now!

**TEFL Worldwide was named the Top TEFL Certification Program in 2018!**

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Train, teach and live in the enchanting city of Prague. Upon completion of the certificate course you can teach English anywhere in the world.
from 995-1200 EUR. Affordable student housing near the school available

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Must be at least 18 and eligible to enter university

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