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Students are normally required to take the equivalent of 60 UK credits in one semester. This means that students normally take 4 modules per semester, as the majority of modules are worth 15 UK credits each. The credit value of each module is displayed al
London, United Kingdom; Bangalore, India; Pune, India; Kolkata, India
Program Type:
Intern Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year, Fall Semester, Rolling Starts, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Year Round
Work Types:
Business, Computer Science, Education, Social Sciences

Program Overview

Program Description:
Welcome to TASMAC London-Study Abroad Programme. TASMAC London School of Business is an academic institution working in partnership with the University of Wales, the second largest degree-awarding body in the United Kingdom, to deliver university programmes on TASMAC Campuses in London. TASMAC London is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), graded an "A" Institution by the UK Borders Agency (Home Office), accredited by EURASHE and a Member of the European Council for Business Education and Study UK. We have 2 campuses in London, our MBA Postgraduate Campus is in Wembley and our Undergraduate Campus is in Kingsbury, North West London, with only 20 minutes to the city centre. TASMAC London is also currently a candidate for the accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) in the USA. Study abroad students can choose to do their Study Abroad in either England at TASMAC London or in one of our other three TASMAC branches in India; Pune, Kolkatta and Bangalore. TASMAC London: MBA and BBA classes. TASMAC India: MBA classes only. The Study Abroad programme allows students enrolled in other schools and universities to spend a semester studying undergraduate or postgraduate modules (classes) alongside other students in the TASMAC London School of Business. Students from all over the world join our Study Abroad Programme and are fully integrated into both the academic and social life of the school. From Business to Information Systems, and Accounting to Customer Relationship Management you can combine four modules (classes) each semester from a wide range of subject areas as part of your study abroad experience. The Admissions Department will work with you to ensure you select the classes to suit your needs. Semester duration is: 4 months Study Broad students can choose to start their programme in: Fall Semester –late September, Spring Semester – early February, Summer Semester – early June. Most programs have rolling admissions, but Students should apply two months before the start of each semester. Space in all programs and accommodation is limited to availability, so apply as early as possible. If the deadline has passed, contact TASMAC London to see if you are still able to apply.

Students are normally required to take the equivalent of 60 UK credits in one semester. This means that students normally take 4 modules per semester, as the majority of modules are worth 15 UK credits each. The credit value of each module is displayed alongside each module and its description within the Module List. In order to qualify as a full-time student, the minimum number of credits that must be taken in one semester is 52.5 UK credits. In order to avoid disappointment due to timetable clashes, classes filling up, last minute changes to module offerings, etc., you must make at least 8 module choices per semester - 4 preferred module choices and 4 alternative module choices. If you are currently a student, these modules must be approved for credit transfer by your home institution. Your module choices must be submitted with your application and must be listed in order of preference on the Application Form. Module Levels At TASMAC London, modules are validated at a level corresponding to a particular year of study. The levels used are: Level 4, which is equivalent to the 1st year of an undergraduate degree Level 5, which is equivalent to the 2nd year of an undergraduate degree, Level 6, which is equivalent to the 3rd year of an undergraduate degree Level 7, which is equivalent to postgraduate degree level modules. The levels used at TASMAC London may be different to the overseas systems used to define levels that you are accustomed to and should be taken into consideration when making module choices. Some overseas institutions consider the first year of their undergraduate degrees to be the equivalent of the foundation year of UK university undergraduate degrees. You should discuss this matter with your home institution, in order to ensure that you make module choices appropriate to your programme of study and that you gain approval for credit transfer. Will my classes transfer? It is your responsibility to confirm with your home university which classes you transfer credits for. We are happy to assist you in any way we can, by providing advice, support, and any materials needed, e.g. class syllabi. (TASMAC London does not guarantees, that credits earned will be accepted by other institutions.) Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, and Specialist Subjects. As a Study Abroad student, you are not expected to have taken the specific pre-requisite requirement, but you must have studied a relevant or similar course / module in your home country/ institution. You can only apply for postgraduate level modules if you are currently studying for a postgraduate level degree in your home institution. If no pre-requisites are specified, then modules should be open to all students. However, you should take previous academic experience into account when making module choices. Obtaining Module Approval If you are a current student, you should where possible, obtain module approval for credit transfer from your home institution at the time of your application, or at least before you arrive in the UK. As TASMAC London School of Business is unable to guarantee the availability of any of the modules listed here, it is important to obtain approval for both you preferred module choices and alternative module choices. For this reason, students who have an academic requirement to complete a specific module in order to graduate from their home institution are advised to consider very carefully before applying for a Study Abroad. By the time you arrive in the UK, it is important that you have clear information with regard to the module approval and credit transfer systems in place at your home institution, so that your final module registrations differ from your original module choices, you can be confident that your home institution is likely to approve any changes. Please note that is your responsibility to liaise with your home institution should there be any late changes to your module choices, although where necessary the Admissions Department will endeavour to facilitate the process for you (e.g. providing module syllabi).

Why TASMAC London? Location: London is one of the world's greatest cosmopolitan cities. Study Abroad students can choose between our branches either in London, Pune, Bangalore and Kolkata. (India – MBA study abroad only ). Validated by the University of Wales: At TASMAC London, students will be studying with second largest degree-awarding body in the United Kingdom. TASMAC London School of Business is a Validated Partner for the University of Wales, students will receive credits from the University of Wales. Excellent Track Record: TASMAC group has the distinction of delivering British management education programmes for the last 10 years. Recognized Internationally: TASMAC is an accredited Business School recognized internationally. Internship Opportunities : Our London-based internships give students the opportunity to work in a real business environment, gain practical work experience while being able to take real responsibilities and strategic decision making. (*TASMAC London does not guarantee employment or salary, EU citizens only) Experienced Teaching Staff: The teaching staff at TASMAC London have a diversity of academic achievements drawn from business backgrounds bringing fresh perspectives and professional experience into each class. Diverse Student Body and Faculty: At TASMAC, students will become part of our diverse and ever-expanding international community. While attending TASMAC London, you are fully integrated with our degree seeking students. Smaller classes: At TASMAC London, classes are small to give a more personal and direct approach to teaching. Vibr
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You will experience life outside your borders, make new friends, live with and learn from people of different countries and gain a unique perspective and understanding of a new part of the world. While you earn your semester credits, the experience of Study Abroad will make you more marketable to future employers, enhance your interpersonal skills and broaden your academic experience. An internship could be done as well, depending on visa requirements and employment conditions. You will be able to: • Make friends for life, • Discover your passions, • Enrich your education, • Expand on your global experience, • Stay on track to complete your degree, • Demonstrate your adaptability in new surroundings, • Be awed by different cultures, • Learn and have fun at the same time, • Achieve your goals, • Travel to new places, • Network. Aside from your studies, coming to London or India will provide you with an unforgettable experience! London is one of the most fascinating places in the w
Tuition fee for a semester is £2800. Please see website for more details.