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This program is based on a total filmmaker/film studies approach in which students are engaged in the study of Italian film history and the production of a film. Famed Italian director/producer, Gian Vittorio Baldi will be a special guest artist and lectu
Bologna, Italy
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Study Abroad
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Learn about Italian film through this immersive study program centered around the world famous classic film festival, Il Cinema Ritrovato.

Renowned film scholars and filmmakers will attend the festival, and students may elect to concentrate on film studies or production. Participants will tour the Restoration Lab at the Bologna Cineteca to learn about the process, as well as gain access to the archives and library for research purposes. Students will be a part of a workshop-style group consisting of designers, cinematographers, sound experts, and Italian directors in order to create a short film. Basic familiarity with the Italian language is recommended but not essential for this program, and both graduate and undergraduate students may apply for this program.

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