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Investigate the food sector's challenges and innovations in Italy and the Mediterranean region. We concentrate on global-to-local opportunities within the framework of SDG achievement
Siracusa, Italy
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Study Abroad
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Sicilian cuisine is bringing new life to traditional markets. Sicilian landscapes are as beautiful as they are fertile, from the coast to the volcanic slopes of Mt. Etna and the golden hills of the inland. The island was once known as the "breadbasket of the Roman Empire," and it is now home to award-winning wineries, olive and citrus groves, honey farms, cheese producers, granaries, herb gardens, and vegetable farms. Many of these are involved in cutting-edge organic farming techniques, sustainable and fair trade practices, and short supply chains.

Producers are reintroducing crop strains and varieties that were set aside during the era of highly processed foods, but have now been rediscovered and analyzed by Sicilian research institutes with whom we collaborate closely. They place Sicily at the forefront of modern food science and nutrition, as they are low in gluten and lactose and high in essential minerals.

Courses in this Study Track include: 

  • Mediterranean Food Systems: Identity, Migration & Labor in Sicily 
  • Field Research Project: Systems Thinking & Sustainability
  • Marine Ecology: Fisheries & Biodiversity in the Mediterranean
  • Ethical Business & the Antimafia Movement: Impacts of Organized Crime
  • Italian Language and Culture

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