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Focus on the ecological challenges that marine and terrestrial environments face, as well as the conservation models and strategies that are being implemented in the Mediterranean region
Siracusa, Italy
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Study Abroad
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This Study Track asks the fundamental question: How to preserve a biodiversity hotspot? The program then attempts to answer this question by offering one to five courses on key aspects of Sicily's geography and environmental future. Because Sicily has been a central crossroads of human activity for thousands of years, it provides a unique perspective on all of the issues and challenges associated with accommodating the coexistence of humans and indigenous flora and fauna within the densely populated and polluted Mediterranean basin. Addressing these issues necessitates a basic understanding of Mediterranean ecology.

The largest island in the Mediterranean, in fact, provides a diverse palette of habitats and ecosystems: marine, coastal, inland, and high-mountainous, owing to the presence of the Mt. Etna volcano. The ability to combine classes with field activities provides students with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to directly observe the subjects of their studies.

Courses in this Study Track include: 

  • Marine Ecology: Fisheries & Biodiversity in the Mediterranean
  • Volcanoes of Sicily: Living with Giants
  • Mediterranean Food Systems: Identity, Innovation & Labor Rights
  • Field Research in Sicily: Systems Thinking & Sustainability
  • Italian Language and Culture
Setting Description:
This program takes place in Syracuse, Sicily with study trips to various sites in Sicily.

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