Program Details

Discover the unique building culture of Southeast Asia and the tropics, within the fifteen-week program "Southeast Asian Architecture" at the Udayana University in Bali.
Denpasar, Indonesia
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Summer, Winter Semester

Program Overview

Program Description:

Are you looking for inspiration? Discover the unique building culture of Southeast Asia and the tropics, from simple Balinese dwellings to exotic villa and luxurious beach resorts. This fifteen-week program at the Udayana University in Bali, Southeast Asian Architecture, is geared towards exchange and international students. Through its lectures, excursions, and workshops, it demonstrates how traditional forms, natural materials, and western approaches work together in harmony. The goal of this course is to forge a comparison between western and tropical building styles and to use innovative connections to initiate new styles of harmony in modern architecture. Apart from practical work for blueprint projects, theoretical courses in English will be carried out in the university. These mainly involve the fields of interior architecture, hotel architecture, and the building history of Southeast Asia. Given numerous intensive excursions and workshops, you will learn about the architecture of Southeast Asia and Tropical Living in Bali.

1. Southeast Asian Vernacular Architecture (5ECTS)
2. Resort & Hospitality Design (5ECTS)
3. Interior Architecture (5ECTS)
4. Tropical Home (5ECTS)
5. Studio Project (8ECTS)
6. Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian Language (2ECTS)

How is the course organized?
The semester is composed of:
- Lectures in English
- Excursions
- Workshops
- Language course in “Bahasa Indonesia”
- Selected cultural events

Who can participate?
The program is aimed at international students in the fields of:
- Architecture
- Interior design
- Design
- Landscape architecture
- Related subject areas

Master students and graduates are also invited to participate.

Why study in Bali?
With spending a semester abroad in Bali you will:
- Receive detailed knowledge about construction in the Tropics
- Experience Tropical Living in Bali through workshops and excursions
- Earn up to 30 credit points
- Meet students from around the world
- Gain valuable insights into the cultural diversity of Indonesia

Important Issues

•  Application deadline: 15 February (Summer Class); 15 June (Winter Class)
•  Summer Class: April – July; Winter Class: September – December
•  Study Fees: 1,850 Euros to be paid by the latest on: 1st March (Summer Class); 1st July (Winter Class)
•  The study fees cover lectures, workshops, welcoming dinner, weekly academic and cultural excursions, ,
airport pickup, daily coffee + snack refreshments and other student services.
•  The study fees EXCLUDE living costs, visa costs, accommodation, travel costs and transportation


Setting Description:
Udayana as a government university is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture as well as the International Association of Universities (IAU). Worldwide partner Universities and international orientation attracts hundreds of students annually. The amazing tropical environment in Bali, the excellent network and the international orientation makes Udayana Univerity a unique place to study abroad. The main campus of Udayana is located in Bali’s capital of Denpasar. More than 1,600 lecturers teach at a total of 9 faculties: architecture and engineering, law, medicine, veterinary medicine, economics, agronomy, literature, mathematics, social and political sciences. This made Udayana University one of the top 10 Universities in Indonesia. Entitled by the Indonesian Ministry of Education, the Udayana University offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. Each module has credits that transferable to European Credits Transfer System (ECTS).
€ 1,950 EUR. Including: Lectures and guest lectures in English; Excursions & workshops; Assistance with application and preparation; Enrollment & Administration

Additional Program Information

Bachelor students from the 2nd year of study and master students in the fields of Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscaping, Urban Planning and related faculties are eligible to join the study abroad program. Also Professionals are welcome to participate.