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Sports Management Summer School program in Greece, on the development of sports from the ancient until the modern times, the sociopolitical importance of sports, athletes' preparation, nutrition, etc. Includes practice with premier league coaches.
Kalavryta, Greece; Athens, Greece; Archaia Olympia, Greece; Corinth, Greece; Nemea, Greece; Isthmia, Greece
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
MayMester Intersession, Spring Break, Summer

Program Overview

Program Description:

With the Olympics coming up in 2020, athletic competition and fitness was one of the most important aspects of Ancient Greek society, with a number of important Panhellenic games being held at various locations, including the famous Olympic Games, held in Olympia.

Through this faculty-led 2-week summer school in Greece, learn about the different sports that the Ancient Greeks competed in, how they trained and what diets they followed, what was the sociopolitical importance of sports, how athletes prepared for competitions and the Olympics, and at the same time practice with qualified professionals in incredible facilities and locations.

Study Abroad in Greece offers four programs on Sports (3-4 US credits):
A. Olympic Games themed
B. Basketball - Sports and nutrition in Ancient Greece
C. Soccer - Sports and nutrition in Ancient Greece
D. Wrestling - Sports and nutrition in Ancient Greece

Setting Description:
About: History of the Ancient Olympic Games, the importance of the Mediterranean Diet, training sessions. Locations: Travel around important cities of Ancient Greece, Delphi, Corinth, Athens, Nemea, Isthmia, and Kalavryta. Train outdoors in local stadiums.
2500-3500 USD. What is included: 3 US credits provided by the Hellenic American University Accommodation in hand-picked and well-located superior class hotels Breakfast and lunch Professionals e.g. licensed guides, lecturers, and tour managers Entrance fees to museums and archaeological sites All land and sea transportation included in the itinerary of the specific program Information material Local taxes Travel insurance Transport to and from the airport in Greece

Additional Program Information

Undergraduate and Graduate students internationally. The program is in English