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You will learn to understand the intercultural context and the economic factors that play a role in tourism developments, as well as the importance of quality control and the implications of strategic decisions. In settings where tourist destinations are
Leeuwarden, Netherlands
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Full Degree
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Hospitality Management

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Tourism is and always will be an important economic driver. All over the world, the tourism sector is growing and offering opportunities for those who have an entrepreneurial attitude and open mind. The International Tourism Management programme enables students to develop their professionalism in an interdisciplinary curriculum comprising several disciplines. The mission of International Tourism Management is “The education of future tourism managers who, through mastery of practical competencies, have the ability to work in an international context and, through bridging divides between economics, ethics and ecology, contribute to the further professionalization of the tourism industry.”

You will learn to understand the intercultural context and the economic factors that play a role in tourism developments, as well as the importance of quality control and the implications of strategic decisions. In settings where tourist destinations are being developed, sustainability is the starting point for a commercial service. The programme is offered in English, and there are workshops in Dutch and Spanish. In addition, there are workshops in business administration and business economics. Year 1 - Foundation Phase During the first year you will find out more about the tourism sector. You take a look at trends, the market and the marks of tourism. You study tourism companies by investigating the quality of their services. You will be taught the specific aspects of rural and urban tourism. To field-test your theory, you will visit a European city and/or a rural tourist area. Moreover, the study pays extensive attention to the basic principles of management, consumer behaviour, marketing, ethics, business economics and the English language. Year 2 - Main Phase In the second year you will study the tourism sector from a policy-making point of view and develop tactical skills and knowledge. The culture and environment of a tourist destination is very important. Products and services of all sorts arise from it. These are important subjects for you to study. What is the climate like at different destinations? You learn how to combine unique surroundings with a good infrastructure. Responsible behaviour with regard to environment and culture plays an important role in your strategy. You learn more about the importance of economical, political and social considerations in the development of international tourist destinations. Other subjects this year include financial and operational management, marketing, product development and Human Resource Management. You extend your knowledge of languages with Spanish, French or German this year. Fieldwork at a destination in the Mediterranean is also part of the programme. Year 3 - Main Phase The third year focuses on strategic management. You gain more in-depth knowledge of management and your executive skills improve. You learn how to market a tourist product or organization and you will see which marketing tools you can use. You field-test all the theory acquired during the courses in a management game: in a simulated market you and your fellow students will form groups with several companies. During one module you work on a research project from a real customer at the learning company: ETFI. To gain more in-depth knowledge, you can choose one or two minors during a semester. You also can choose to follow minors at our international campuses in Qatar, South Africa and Thailand. An international exchange with another university abroad is also a possibility. Year 4 - Graduate Phase You do a traineeship of 30 weeks and write your final paper. The fourth year provides you with important practical knowledge based on professionalism and can lead directly to an international career. Minor During the third year of your study, you can choose your minors. You can broaden your education or choose to specialise in a subject. You can choose between one minor (one semester) for 30 credits or two minors (one module each) of 15 credit points each. You can choose to go abroad doing the Grand Tour or an exchange programme. Stenden University of Applied Sciences has exchange partnerships with universities all over the world and welcomes around 100 exchange students itself each year. If you wish to study at Stenden as an exchange student, you must first ask your own university or higher education institute whether they have an exchange programme with Stenden or check the list with of your exchange partners. If so, they should be able to supply you with all the necessary forms and direct you to additional sources of information. If your institution does not have an exchange programme with Stenden, you will not be permitted to study here as an exchange student. However, you may want to consider applying for admission to one of our international Master's programmes (taught in English) or our international Bachelor's programmes.

* Students from 32 nationalities are currently studying International Tourism Management; * 5 lectors are involved in the programme and furthermore there is staff, visiting professors and (guest) lecturers from several countries; * Courses in, amongst others, Strategic Marketing, Strategic Management, Project Management, Heritage Tourism, Business Economics and HRM; * Field trips to European tourist destinations are incorporated in the programme; * Affordable tuition fees compared to many other European countries; * The study programme includes a (paid) internship of 7 months in the 4th and final year; * Internship opportunities are available at Thomas Cook, EuroDisney, TUI and others; * This bachelor programme gives you direct access to our 1-year master programme.
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Stenden Leeuwarden Leeuwarden, the historic capital of Friesland, is a small city with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere which makes you quickly feel at home. No less than 25,000 Dutch and international students study at the city’s three universities. About 10% of all students are foreign, so Leeuwarden is truly an international student town. The heart of the city is very old and lively with beautiful buildings, and theatres, cinemas, trendy pubs, nightclubs, major department stores, sports clubs and a pleasant city park. Like Amsterdam, Leeuwarden has an extensive system of canals with numerous cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a good meal or beverage on one of the many terraces. Fast train services link Leeuwarden with Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Schiphol Airport and the rest of Europe. The campus Stenden currently has more than 11,000 students from 85 different countries and employs 1,000 members of staff. Professors maintain the essential link between programmes and the professi
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