Program Details

Students are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in their area of artistic interest, work in small groups and one-on-one with faculty; travel to historically and artistically significant places; and experience the rich culture of central Italy.
Perugia, Italy; Spoleto, Italy
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
High School

Program Overview

Program Description:

The Spoleto Study Abroad Summer Program is a hands-on arts and humanities program for high school students who have a strong interest in visual art, photography, creative writing, drama, vocal and instrumental music, screenwriting, and exploring Italy.  A small number of motivated students between the ages of 15 - 19 are accepted each year into this very unique study abroad opportunity.  Students come together and attend daily humanities courses and in-depth studio work in their art discipline. The town of Spoleto is frequently the classroom for these courses, as well as day trips to cities in Umbria and Tuscany where students gain insight into the rich cultural heritage of Italy. You are immersed for 3 weeks in the Italian culture as well as your art discipline.  

Students work closely with world class faculty in a very small classroom environment and are provided personal instruction, creative opportunities and the freedom to grow artistically, academically and personally in ways they never imagined.  They are transformed into a citizen of the world by experiencing a piece of the world.  They live among a different culture, collaborate with peers from around the world, and come away not just as a different artist, but as a different person. They are changed forever.  

In addition to honing their artistic talent in the intensive hands-on studio workshops, students will take twice-weekly day trips to cultural centers such as Florence, Siena, Assisi and other medieval hill towns throughout Umbria and Tuscany.  This travel provides the students an opportunity to experience and explore significant historic and artistic masterpieces first hand. This inspiring setting resonates profoundly with the students and enhances their artistic and intellectual development. Living and studying in an environment rich with history, art, and natural beauty is profoundly transformative for a student of the arts.

Faculty members at Spoleto Study Abroad are distinguished artists and educators from colleges, universities and secondary schools in the United States and Italy. They are chosen for their extensive knowledge and enthusiasm, their dynamic teaching methods and their willingness and ability to work closely with students.

Our students build meaningful life-long friendships and memories by learning, living and traveling with a dynamic group of artistic peers from around the world. Students having completed Spoleto Study Abroad have a competitive edge over their peers on college and job applications.

Come join us!

Setting Description:
The historic hilltop town of Spoleto, Italy is a well preserved breathtakingly beautiful medieval city providing an inspiring setting in which to live and study. Spoleto is a vibrant authentic Italian community with close proximity to some of the world’s richest historic, cultural, and artistic treasures. Students live in a restored 15th century convent along with their fellow students and Spoleto Study Abroad resident staff. The convent has beautiful gardens, terraces, patios and courtyards. Classes, studios, and restaurants are all located in the historic section of town, a short distance from the convent. The town appears to be cast straight form a movie set with winding steep cobblestoned streets, tiled roofs, gardens, olive groves, a Roman amphitheater, and frescoes adorning walls throughout the town.
$6500 USD. Tuition of $6500 covers all course instruction, lodging accommodations, meals in a family-run 4-star restaurant, twice weekly day trips within Italy, entrance fees to sites on day trips, course materials and supplies for 3 weeks. There is also a $75 application fee.

Additional Program Information

Student, age 15-19. Completion of 9th grade by participation date. Demonstrated proficiency in focus area. There is no language requirement. In examining completed applications, we ask two fundamental questions: 1.Is this student prepared artistically and academically to meet the challenges of the program? 2.Is this person going to make a good ambassador for school and country, taking constructive advantage of opportunities, exploring new interests and ideas, and making healthy contributions to the program?
Scholarships Description:
A small number of scholarships for travel to/from the U.S. and Italy are offered. Feel free to check to see if we have other scholarships that have come available.