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Since Sólheimar was founded volunteers have played importand role in the community. It is estimated that more than 2000 volunteers have live and worked in the community. Every year about 30 - 50 volunteers and intern take part in the community. How can
Reykjavik, Iceland
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Volunteer Abroad
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Arts, Economic Development, Environment
1-2 weeks, 3-4 weeks, 1-3 months, 4-6 months, 1 year

Program Overview

Program Description:
Solheimar is a world renowned sustainable community known for its artistic and ecological atmosphere where about 100 people live and work together. It was founded in 1930 by Sesselja Hreindís Sigmundsdóttir (1902-1974). It is a small village set out in the countryside, characterized by vegetation, open common spaces and buildings that nicely co-exist with the landscape. Solheimar is blessed with enough space for residential and common housing and there are ideal conditions for outdoor activities in the village, which play a big part in the residents' health and well- being. The Solheimar community focuses on the growth and development of man and nature. The social emphasis is that different individuals are offered variable opportunities to work, live, and socialize.

Since Sólheimar was founded volunteers have played importand role in the community. It is estimated that more than 2000 volunteers have live and worked in the community. Every year about 30 - 50 volunteers and intern take part in the community. How can you become a volunteer or intern in Solheimar? There are several ways to become a volunteer or intern. There are two programmes ongoing here in Sólheimar, Internship programme and EVS - Programme. You can send us application via our internship/volunteer programme or as an EVS volunteer. The internship- EVS programme provides people three month seasonal or longer (EVS volunteers stay for 12 months) enriching professional education opportunities during which they develop personal educational goals and gain insight into environmental and community sustainability and service under the mentorship of Solheimar staff. Students and volunteers will not only work, but become a part of the Solheimar community, a world-renowned eco-village located in southern Iceland. The focus is on compassionate living as students carry out individual and/or group learning projects that benefit the community and provide valuable practical experience to help students and volunteers further their careers. Overview of the Programme The program in Solheimar is open for everybody (18 years old and older) but preference is given to those who demonstrate initiative, enthusiasm, personal motivation and education or training in a field with focus on community sustainability, artistic skills, environmental studies and/or specific research applicable to Solheimar’s needs. The specific goals of the internship program are: -To introduce people to one of the world’s oldest and unique eco-villages and to the everyday realities of the organization’s work -To enhance knowledge about community and environmental sustainability -To craft individual learning objectives for the experience -To help clarify career paths by providing real life career opportunities in relevant fields -To create life-long career development tools

Educational programs in Solheimar have increased in recent years with internships first being available in 2010. The internship program offers students the ability to gain work experience and learn about their career paths as well as gain insight on environmental and social sustainability under the guidance of Solheimar’s nurturing staff. Solheimar internships offer students the unique opportunity to participate in projects aimed at strengthening the Solheimar community and making it more sustainable. Solheimar is a world renowned community for people with special needs and internships here will provide students with firsthand knowledge about living in a sustainable community, while allowing them to focus their career paths and work on personal goals.
Setting Description:
You can apply for an internship/volunteer with the following areas within the village: Sesseljuhús Environmental Center Naerandi Food Service and Bakery Vala Shop and Graena Kannan Café Workshops (fine arts, weavery, ceramics, herbal, paper making, candle making and woodworking) Maintenance and Construction Ölur Forestry Sunna Greenhouses
Sólheimar is self-owned, non – profit organisation, therefore Solheimar offer only non – paid internship and offer only lunch and housing for free. However the intern can apply and ask for food money up to 30.000 ISKR (€ 180, $ 240) per month as a credit in our grocery store Vala, if the intern thinks he/she needs it. All other expense is in the responsibility of the intern. Note: To apply for this the intern need to be in Solheimar for three months minimum. The intern will be offered Icelandi