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Witness Nepal’s challenges negotiating tradition and modernity while balancing its neighbors India and China and analyze Tibetan and Himalayan politics and religion.
Kathmandu, Nepal
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Study Abroad
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Fall Semester

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This transdisciplinary program will explore the critical global issues of Identity and Human Resilience and Development and Inequality, in the Nepalese context. Your program starts online with discussions, assignments, and readings designed to equip you for immersion and hands-on learning. Tackle critical global issues through lectures and writings, while starting Nepali or Tibetan language lessons. In Kathmandu, live with Nepali and/or Tibetan-speaking homestay families, build lifelong connections, and get involved in society. Study identity, borders, and humans’ relationship with the state and speak with activists to understand their struggles for equal rights, recognition, and justice. Visit highland and “middle-hill” rural communities and engage with locals to discover how they are working toward community development and environmental protection. Confront issues of power relations while staying in a Tibetan refugee camp. Trek in the high Himalayas as a guest of Tibetan[-oid] communities. Traverse a vertical slice of the country from Lumbini, at sea level in the southern plains on the Indian border, to the highest gorge in the world on the edge of the Chinese border, exploring and analyzing Nepal’s remarkable biological, geological, and cultural diversity. Prepared with essential language and research skills, conduct original fieldwork on a topic of your choice during the final four weeks of the semester.


  • Explore changing gender and social justice rights from notable regional experts and local activists.
  • Examine Tibetan and Himalayan society, geopolitics, religion, and arts, and visit remote communities on high-altitude treks.
  • Live with a host family in Kathmandu; learn the Tibetan language and/or Nepali.
  • Traverse Nepal, south to north, from India to Tibet and China, from sea level to the roof of the world.


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