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Investigate the historical and social contexts of human rights movements, including the roles of culture, identity, political economy, and international law in four different countries.
Amman, Jordan; Kathmandu, Nepal; Atlanta, United States; Multi-Country Programs, Multi-Country Programs; Santiago, Chile
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Study Abroad
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Fall Semester, Spring Semester

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Investigate the history of the human rights movement, the state of human rights protections, and future prospects and challenges across four national contexts.
This newly launched program will examine the following fundamental questions: What rights are common to all human beings? How are these rights enshrined, exercised, and safeguarded?
The program will spend time in four different countries. This comparative approach will highlight cultural variations in individual rights related to political freedoms and expression, underrepresented minority groups, and gender equity.

Major topics of study will include:
•Foundations and frameworks: 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights; evolution of the modern human rights movement
•Human rights and globalization: labor standards and conditions; migration; accountability of multinational corporations
•Current challenges: conflicts between national sovereignty and human rights
•Conflicts between international and national policy
•Core tenets of constitutive cultures and human identity
•The role of civil society: particularly grassroots movements and NGOs

Students will interact with academics, individual activists, members of civil society organizations, and officials of adjudicating institutions as they focus on the practical aspects of advocating and safeguarding human rights.

The program takes a holistic, interdisciplinary view of academic topics, drawing not only on articles and faculty lectures, but also student observations, guest lectures, and homestay interviews to facilitate learning. Assignments could involve written essays, oral presentations, and/or more creative projects such as posters and photo stories.

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USA, Jordan, Nepal, Chile

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  • Experiential Learning

    The study abroad experience provided by SIT changed my life for the better. When applying, SIT stood out because of their commitment to experiential learning. In this one semester, I felt I had learned more than in my entire academic career at college.

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    I can say without a doubt that this program changed my life. I went into the program with high expectations and they were surpassed. This is not an immersion program it is a comparative program and therefore it allows students to dive deeper and gain

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