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Develop a critical perspective on mainstream representations of Africa and gain knowledge, attitudes, and skills to productively work in “marginal” places such as Africa.
Accra, Ghana
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Fall Semester, Spring Break

Program Overview

Program Description:

Gain a new perspective on Africa.
Eurocentric representations of Africa have downplayed the continent’s diversity and prosperity and have emphasized narratives of deprivation and backwardness. Learn to critically examine these representations and their effects on the ways Westerners engage with Africa. The program further draws attention to the ever changing conditions in Africa in ways that unsettle discourses that freeze Africa in space and time, just as they situate these transformations within a larger globalizing context in which Africans continue to thrive.

Engage with Africa’s present social and political realities through an interdisciplinary approach.
The program focuses on technologies and social realities, bringing them within a single frame of analysis. You will examine the ways in which technological change and innovations are impacting social and political realties in Ghana and will be exposed to a wide variety of field sites and topics on the intersections between technology and health and technology and farming. The program draws on work by leading Africanists in ways that will appeal to students majoring in a variety of areas, including African studies, globalization, economics, technology, anthropology, sociology, and communications.

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