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Flexibility is a distinct characteristic of this program.
Sioux Falls, United States
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Full Degree
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Flexibility is a distinct characteristic of this program. With a system of electives, independent studies, and concentration of courses in a specialized area, students find the program adaptable to their individual needs. A student develops personal resources as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to become a spiritual leader. Graduates are equipped for a variety of related pastoral ministries: chaplaincy, church planting, missionary service, youth ministry, church music, and other church staff ministries. The program also prepares capable persons for doctoral studies. The Master of Divinity program prepares students for ministry leadership through development in the following areas: -Spiritual maturity, moral character, and vision for ministry necessary for building the Body of Christ; -Competence in leading the Body of Christ through preaching, evangelism, administration, and counseling; -Commitment to the authority of Scripture for preaching and teaching so the Body of Christ might be equipped for fulfilling its worldwide mission of evangelism, discipleship, and social change; -Coherent understanding of the Bible, theology, Christian heritage, and church polity, enabling the graduate to make disciples in a congregation. Students entering the Master of Divinity program are encouraged to study both languages of the Bible. However, students may take either Greek or Hebrew to fulfill the language requirement. Supervised Ministry is a component of the Master of Divinity program that allows students to participate in hands-on ministry experience under the direction of a supervisor and professor. Students meet weekly with classmates to discuss their ministry and to learn from one another. Supervised ministry can be either paid or unpaid. The Master of Divinity with a Specialization in Pastoral Care and Counseling is ideal preparation for persons who see their ultimate career goal in chaplaincy or as a minister of pastoral care.

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NABS is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada as well as the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.